#BookReview Black Dog Nights Part II by Ren Monterrey


Desires and drama – this perfectly describes this fast, short and well-written book. This is the second book of the series and I have reviewed the Part I Black Dog Nights and I had thoroughly enjoyed it. I had read this book quite some time ago but somehow the review escaped me so I read it again 🙂 and here is the fresh review.

Yes, it is an apt second part and takes the story forward in a good way. The arrival of an old friend Rocky or Joey Rocco  who wants to be more than a friend adds to the pressure they both feel as they try to make sense of their relationship. Aggressive yet quite Jae wants to say so much but struggles. I found this part better and more interesting than the first part. A peek inside Jae and his life is much appreciated and even Rose understands him a bit better. The dramatic changes in the relationship between Jae Rothko and Rose add to the tension of the book.

Rose and her best friend, Cali help each other even though it was forbidden in her contract to share anything with others. It was a bit odd but entirely possible since they were inseparable. The book moves ahead with the story but leaves things unsaid. A cliffhanger but I knew it when I picked the book.

As is the norm with Ren Monterrey, the language, editing and tension are superb in the book. There is no doubt, this is a page-turner of a book. I enjoyed and it is a perfect read when short on time or on a commute – just don’t get too happy reading it 😉

The book is light, fun and easy to read with a story that has its share of excitement and yearning. I have already read the third part and I loved it as well.  Review in a couple of days, while you go ahead and read this one.

*Update – I checked on Amazon and found that the author has changed the novellas into a single book. I shall add the review of the third book here, as soon as possible.

[© I received a copy of this book from Author and this is my unbiased review.]


Black Dog Nights II (The Club #3)

by Ren Monterrey


I’m still so hurt and angry about being followed. I’m not exactly in the mood to have Jae inside of me. But my mood doesn’t matter, does it? And neither do my feelings. I’m here to give Jae whatever he wants. I can’t say I don’t like having the money. I’ve already got the funds to pay off a fifth of my student loan debt. But I’m afraid of how possessive Jae is and how much more possessive I think he’s capable of becoming…
Black Dog Nights is serial novel, which unfolds in three parts (approximately 80 pages each). Each part has a cliff hanger. You’ve been warned…


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