#BookReview Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee

I love reading and reviewing books, its  my way of saying thanks. 
I have just reviewed the iconic, controversial and thought provoking book “Go Set A Watchman” by Harper Lee.

I was provided this opportunity by Tell A Tale and thank you Arunima for giving me an awesome book to begin with….

The book cover has an image of train tracks on the inside. This is a journey that Scout takes but the emotional journey, the awareness she finds eventually; the closure of true understanding is the real journey and not the one where she visits home. 

I read the book waiting for the prejudice and bigotry to show. I was eager to read about the fall of Mighty Atticus. He is the hero for Scout/ Jean Louise and I find he remains a hero even after the last page is read. Atticus sums it perfectly when he says, “Hypocrites have just as much right to live in this world as anybody.”The book gives us food for thought, allowing us to ponder and reflect on the times we live in today even though the book is set in the mid 1950’s…………………..”
Still in cover…..was savoring it!!

What I felt, what I thought…..read it here…..  

Just Arrived!

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