#BachchonKaKhelNahin Being A Mom!

The most blessed sight for any parent is the beautiful, innocent smile on the face of their child but to keep this smile on their faces, well yeh koi #BachchonKaKhelNahin. We strive day in and day out just to ensure the very best for our child.

No one is an expert parent; no one goes to parenting school. It is all a maze we unravel as we grow as a parent along with our child. I have had some pretty nasty surprises and face palm moments along the away and I am still learning!

I try to fulfill his wishes as much as possible but just like Amitabh Bachchan shows with First Cry, it is difficult due to the mind boggling choices and ease of shopping on First Cry!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmjRq_f-di8]

All of us know the next generation is always smarter than the present one. Its nature’s way of ensuring progress and growth but it also creates a lot of learning for us parents!! Each new day brings a new challenge but not to say it dilutes my parenting. That smile on that cherubic face, those sparkling eyes of accomplishment and that whoop of pure joy and delight on a task well done are rewards enough for the tests we mothers face each day!!

Of all the things I need to be an expert at for being a parent the most difficult one is showing the righteous path to my child. It does not work by saying, ‘because I said so!’ we have to let our behavior speak for us and it is not an easy task. For us to ensure our child turns out as a caring, kind and courageous human being we both as his parents also set those examples for him to follow.
Actions speak louder than words!
The world is full of angry people who are raising angry kids; let’s just slow down and exhale! I try to be the mother who never shouts but I fumble, falter and sometimes speed through being a ‘good mother’ for him. Does he know what he has got? Well, I am his only mom so there is not much competition there!! But there is a lot of ‘comparison’.

Friends, relatives & the dear old grandparents to be topped by the ever doting dad all root for myour son who gets to blackmail me with the insights supplied to him!
Yes, for me buying the never-ending, this is my last toy or I want pizza right now is much easier to handle than showing him to be just, truthful and a good human being.
I try to remember that he is always watching and always listening even when I think he is glued to his cartoon.
Being a good mother it is not #BachchonKaKhelNahin………

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