Flying Fantasy! FACELESS by Nizam Ahmed Book Review

Faceless is a book about a super hero! Yes, he is an Indian superhero, one that our bollywood hunks can do justice to very well!! Faceless is an ordinary boy who finds himself with super powers when he tries to do the unthinkable – commit suicide.

This book has office politics, romance, heart break, suspense, thrills and intrigue. It makes for an interesting read. The character of Kabir could be the young man from next door; working, staying alone and minding his own business. He falls for Nat and they work in the same office but she is mostly clueless about what he is up to.

He still does not fully understand what all he is capable of and office politics, love life, and being a savior is all done with the help of the powers Kabir has gained. Nizam has a good command over language and expresses well the young characters in the book. Even Kabir’s boss is a well written character. I could see him trying to make evil plans against Kabir.

The surprising support comes from the first person he saves. Riona is his most ardent supporter, more so than he ever gives himself credit for. She sets him on his path of glory and she is the link that brings him home. I found the balance created by the author in their relation so perfect. I could not realize till the end of the book who Kabir is going to choose.

The mystery man – Devil and the kidnapper who is so cruel made me shudder. Kabir stood up to them quite well! The author ends the book on the note that more awaits the Faceless savior and I must say I want to find out how he tackles the Devil!!

The book has some wonderful high points; initial success of Kabir the superhero, his smart act in the office, hanging out with Riona (literally) and even facing up to the kidnappers even though he got smashed!!

I found the initial story a bit slow and the time travel a bit confusing but it all makes sense by the end and I realized what a twisted tale Kabir has spun for himself. I can only urge Nizam Ahmad to write the sequel to the book soon, I am waiting for Devil to get this due!!

For me the best thing was the name our faceless superhero chooses for himself – but you will have to read the book to find out!!
(I  got a copy of the book through a giveaway on Goodreads from the author.)

“What do you do when you try to commit suicide, and end up discovering you have superpowers?
Kabir faced this question just when he had done enough to get rid of a life he couldn’t get along with.
Foolishly encouraged by his new-found abilities, he decides get even with a cunning boss at work; win back his colleague Nat’s love, and be an admired superhero.
So starts his crazy journey – a clumsy rescue act for a girl called Riona; a dramatically rigged introduction at the Qutub Minar; mathematical manipulations at flying; use of Facebook as a weapon, and surreal encounters with a wily Russian, and a mysterious monk.
Just when he thinks he has a hang of it, he runs into the Devil – a manic ringleader of kidnappers – who is clearly more than a match for him.
As he stares at the barrel of the gun that the Devil has pointed at his head, he realizes how terribly inappropriate being a superhero has been.


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