Awaken the Durga Within: From Glum to Glam, Caged to Carefree by Usha Narayanan

Awaken the Durga Within: From Glum to Glam, Caged to Carefree

This book, Awaken the Durga Within is a mixture of the mythological tales, common sense, and wisdom mixed up to serve the perfect advice and guidance for the women of today.

Usha is an expert on mythology and her books not only entertain but also give excellent insights to our life through the gods. The young girls or the middle-aged housewife and even the matriarch of the family—all of them can use a trick or two from this book.

Usha strikes a chord with the reader as in her previous book, Prem Purana—stories of the love of gods. Where mythology is concerned, ‘Awaken the Durga Within’ is no exception. In fact, the mythological bits, the snippets of how the goddesses managed to have stability in their life, defeat enemies and even find the perfect balance with their gods make it most interesting.

Awaken the Durga Within is a book that will make every woman and man think about their goals, achievements and work towards those goals. The book highlights the various issues women face in life, the decisions or actions taken for them. She has detailed the various issues right from what a young girl faces while choosing a career or a groom being chosen for her. The book is laid out in chapters with catchy titles.

Free the Durga, is simply telling us women to not hold back, to let ourselves go. Sati and Parvati are discussed and how they are not just sacrificing women but strong, determined ones who got their man on their own terms.

Savitri is shown as an epitome of courage and resilience. The importance and value being a homemaker is highlighted with tales of Shiva and Parvati. How can we help and guide others and ourselves to achieve some respect, awareness and assistance from the other members of the family.

Usha has highlighted three main components in the book, Awaken the Durga Within with the help of Choose, Create and Change. She urges us to choose our battles wisely, to create situations favourable for their success and to not only expect others to change but to adapt ourselves.

Taking the story of Indrani, she has explained about the issues faced by working women. How to come as equals in the work environment and to have a balanced approach to work and home. This book has covered all the areas and aspect that govern a woman’s life and how one can find the balance to live a happy and successful life.

The key is give and take, to find yourself, your inner balance. The story of Sita against Ravana is the final mythic tale that highlights the inner strength and all prevailing shakti of a woman. New you, new strength, wisdom with patience is the mantra to get your place under the sun.

Awaken the Durga Within: From Glum to Glam, Caged to Carefree will help you feel energised, stronger and help you be the woman of today with the wisdom of ages. Read it to realise your potential.


Awaken the Durga Within is a handy, easy-to-follow guide to help every woman assert themselves at home and work and reclaim their life. As a woman in a patriarchal country like India, they are often held back by family or society; and even education or employment does little to help improve their status.
Bringing in the lesser-known and exciting stories about goddesses from the Hindu mythology, Awaken the Durga Within puts forward practical solutions that can be implemented immediately, without compromising on values and principles. These stories will help invoke the ‘Shakti’ within every woman so as to transform their minds and transcend their limits. Identify the fears holding you back and discover a pithy, three-step process to help you take control of your life and garner respect. Make choices that are right for you and experience the rewards. Discover the true spirit of feminism wherein women are given the same rights, power, and opportunities as men.

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