A Friend Indeed.

 As I plunged into the life of a full time mother and became a lot more than just a lady but a bit less of myself – the individual; I was still the same person but being a mother takes priority over all else.

How keep my sanity and nurture my grey cells at the same time, coz there are only so many ways you can play with a truck and not go around in circles!

The world of blogging has been my constant support system and has opened up a virtual chest of information, ideas and people. There is so much to read and so much to learn, sharing and growing together.

I am lucky to have made friends from all over the globe and I tell my ‘local friends’ that all the places I want to visit; I am experiencing them through the amazing friends I have made on the world wide web.

I am extremely honoured and proud to be featured on the blog of one my most favourite bloggers. A lady with a lot of spunk, a spine of steel, a mind like a sponge, a heart as large as can be , unlimited courage and caring enough to share her love and help all that she can!!  She is Carol Graham.

You think not? You will be pleasantly surprised as you visit Carol Grahamwho blogs at Battered Hope. Carol is an author, health coach, motivational speaker, blogger, business woman, mom and grand mom! Yes, all this and more makes Carol a survivor and one with a very positive attitude in life. 

Please visit Carol and read her inspiring, heartfelt and very endearing & enlightening posts.

Not only did I find a friend who hold the same values about life and family but also encouraged me to share my thoughts with you all.

Today I have a guest post about marriage at Carol’s Blog.
Please visit and share give some love and share your views.

“My friend cut the cake celebrating forty years of marital bliss.  Her simple but intuitive statement made an impact on me.  Smiling she said, “A small celebration at home for forty years is sufficient.  Our gala party will be………………Read more at..………. http://batteredhope.blogspot.ca/2014/11/a-friend-indeed.html

What kind of a marriage do you have?
Do share your views on marriage.
Please visit and share some love. 


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