LOVING WISHES – Kaleidoscope of Hopes Book Review

Hope is eternal to our survival, we humans continue to strive, move and just live against all odds, surviving & striving due to hope. It is the glimmer of light on dark moonless night. Hope is the seed that keeps Nadia going too, it drives Lucas as well even though he would never accept it.

Kaleidoscope of Hopes is a sweet romance that brews slowly and grows on you as you read it. One by one all the characters endear themselves to you and as a reader you are engrossed in their lives, hoping with them for good times and happy endings.

The story has beautiful & sweet Melody to add to the charm of the book, her lovely antics adding an element of fun to the book. She brings sunshine into the lives of Lucas and Nadia.

Nadia is blue blood, the rich girl who wants to forget her past but yearns for her roots. She is beautiful, gentle, and so feminine. She is alluring and irresistible to Lucas.

Lucas is the suave gentleman, detached yet concerned and a doting father. They make a perfect pair and yet they hesitate to acknowledge their love. This love story is about loving the whole deal – the past, the future and the baggage that comes along.

Devika has managed to explore and express the emotions of both Nadia & Lucas beautifully. For a young author; she manages to do full justice to the extremely emotional past of both the characters. Devika has written in different genres and this is her third book and as I see it she comes out flying.

The story line, the emotions, the love story and the culmination of love finding its way is written to keep the reader interested and yearning to know more. The bitter sweet commitment to love is a different and wholesome read that talks of a love of a family and the real, strong kind of love.

The book finishes with a beautiful sentence summing up love, the real kind, the kind we all want and search for. Hoping against hope, Nadia and Lucas find it.

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