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Optimus Prime Toy

He saw the boy seemed to be doing the right things, the clothes were picked, the books were stacked even the toys were picked. He keep looking as the boy worked, hopeful and waiting.

Surya looked around the room and felt that it looked pretty neat. The clothes were all in the cupboard. He had managed to make all of them fit and that itself was a miracle considering none of them were folded properly. He smiled at his ingenuity as he hurriedly shoved few CD’s and books under the bed. Pushing them as far as he could ensuring they were not visible from the door to his room.

Next he tackled his study table as he swiftly shoved all the pens, trinket and bits of papers in the drawer. The lamp was straightened and the wire buried beneath the table. He used the big basket as a dumping ground for his games and knickknacks, just shoving them in.

Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime atop the shelf..

He felt he had done quite well and even straightened his pillow and folded the sheet on his bed. Ah! This is just right and felt that he had managed to be presentable enough.

He turned around and walked out yelling for his mom to that the room was neat and he was going to watch TV. The door slammed shut just as his mom agreed.

A forlorn Optimus Prime looked down from his perch from the top shelf realising it was wishful thinking that Surya would ever look up and pick him. He just stood there forgotten.



This post is for the Day 6 of the Bar-A-Thon Challenge

The prompt for today is “Wishful Thinking”.

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Blog-A-Rhythm is proud to present BAR-A-THON, the week-long blogging marathon for bloggers everywhere! Yes, that’s right. A whole week of blogging, keeping in mind the fact that the more we write, the better we get.


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  1. Beat About The Book

    Kids and their toys! They seem to have just too many of them. Oh and this is exactly how my kids clean their room when I ask them to. I’ve smartened up though and catch them out more often than not.

    1. Post

      My little one just refuses to do it and quickly dumps the stuff in various boxes since he has a separate toy room. I am planning to shift him to his own room with all his stuff this year. 😀

      We all used to do this cleaning trick, mine used to be an overflowing almirah!
      Thanks, Tulika. <3

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