TWICE UPON A TIME : Two Novellas by Jazz Singh, Zeenat Mahal



This book has two novellas filled with love, reminding us that love is found in the most unexpected places. The stories highlight the importance of communication in all relationships and how at times we fail to recognize the most obvious facts as they look us in the face.

Sunshine Girl is the first story in the book and the novella is just like the name – fresh and bright. I loved the sense of humor of Aanya in spite of her grim situation and her spunk.

Even though Gaurav is a hard nosed business man when he meets her, she mellows him down with her simplicity and straight forward words. Gaurav was a genuine, hardworking guy and so enamored with her; it was a delight to read about his adventures with her. The story is quite straight forward but the way Jazz has managed to make it into a story about a family and not just a boy and girl made it fun a read. The characters, their back story and the vivid discussions all added a lot of depth to a novella.

The secondary characters are well written though I found the younger sister a bit too sweet! Aanya and Gaurav do complement each other and Sunshine Girl was a light, fun read.

Yours Truly is a novella by Zeenat Mahal and each time I read her I get charmed by her words yet again. Whether it is a short story or a novel she spins so much within each page. Her writing has depth and emotion and this story is no exception.

Zoya and Sheru, have been together since childhood yet when circumstances bring them closer on a new journey they are unable to express themselves. Zeenat’s books have always explored the dark side of our lives as love tries to make its presence felt. I loved this book for its honesty and depth in accepting the culture and traditions of Pathans, yet using the positives from it. She has managed to soften up the rough-edged father and bring the pain and wanting of love within the heart of the frivolous Sheru through her words. She expressed the hesitation of the acceptance of love and desire, the conflict both Zoya and Sheru feel and how their family helps them bring it all together.

The humor, the uncertainty and the amazing feeling of love are all expressed for us to read and savor. Both these stories are a celebration of love and family. The importance and support of family shine through the stories and makes them fast and fun reads. I turned the pages nonstop and so will you!


(I received a copy of the book from the author and this is my honest opinion.)


Twice Upon a Time: Two Novellas


 Jazz Singh (Goodreads Author)

 Zeenat Mahal (Goodreads Author)


Sunshine Girl by Jazz Singh is about a young orphan girl Aanya, and Gaurav, the hardened businessman. It’s a story of idealism and materialism locking horns. Guess who wins?
Yours Truly by Zeenat Mahal is a story of two people growing up together. Zoya and Sheru, have loved each other all their lives, but now their love is tested in new ways and they must choose their paths.





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