The A to Z Writing Challenge is just round the corner and as per the helpful tips given by those who have done it earlier by the time we reveal our theme for the A to Z Marathon, we must also have gotten most the posts sorted out.

Well, to say that I am lagging behind would be an accurate statement – all I have got is few of the alphabets and some words to go with it. Maybe a couple of posts in their raw form.
The word that instantly came to me when I began to think of the alphabet was ‘women’. A woman got me into the challenge and a woman helped me out, well more than one. But +Corinne Rodrigues +M. J. Joachim  and +VidyaSury, Going A-Musing  helped me get my groove! Thanks a Ton, Ladies.

Yes ladies, girls, gals, woman, each one of this name of the most mesmerizing, magnificent, confusing, confounding, lovable yet discussed person on this planet.

Yes, I am a woman and so is half the planet; what more could I talk about that has not already been said? Especially since the women’s day just passed by a few days back!
Is there really something left to say on a woman that has not already been said?
Can I write about a woman straight from the alphabet A to Z and let it be meaningful?
Will it strike a cord with other readers – both men and women?
Why the hell did I choose women; I am one and I know how crazy they can be?
Well, if A can be for Amazing or Annoying – I think so!
Can Z be for Zeal or  Zumba? I think so…….

So Ladies and Gentlemen my theme is ‘WOMEN’ through the month of April.
Through all the shades of love, lust, anger, sadness, happiness and glee;
Glad to be a woman who doesn’t have to flee.
Simply here to stay and play;
Glad that I don’t have to starve and slave and no one is here to slay!!
My try at a poem – see I told you women is a great theme; you never know what you can come up with!!

What do you think of my theme? Do you think I will have any thing new to say for the Ladies? What say you, Gentlemen?

Please share your views and your ideas……hungry, greedy comment boxes await you.

  This post is written for the A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal Blogfest


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