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I have suddenly decided to take up the A to Z Challenge this year. It also happens to be the tenth year anniversary for the challenge. I have successfully participated in the challenge thrice. The year 2014 challenge is now available as an ebook, We Women Wonder. Another year is being converted to a book, so stay tuned. 🙂

I love books and have always felt that my trips are incomplete if I don’t read a good book. Many a time I have revisited a book when I visit a new place. Since I didn’t do a theme reveal this year so let me tell you I will be sharing about books that were based at great locations, cities or countries.

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A is for Australia and the book I forever associate with this beautiful country is The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCullough is a 1977 best-selling novel in Australian history by the Australian author Colleen McCullough. Set primarily on Drogheda—a fictional sheep station in the Australian Outback. It is about the Clearly family and spans more than 50 years.

I had read this book decades ago but it had such an impact on me not just because of a stellar story but of the location, the vast, desolate outback as well as the love.

I still haven’t visited Australia but soon, it’s on the cards 🙂 Another book based in Australia that has been very popular and is a recent one is The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty. A thriller and a best seller The Husband’s Secret tells the story of three women, whose lives unexpectedly interconnect after one of them discovers a devastating secret.

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All of Liane’s books are best sellers, do you have a favorite one?

Do you have a favorite book based in Australia?

Any awesome author I should read?

Let me know your choices for the coming alphabets, especially for J, O, Q, U, X and Y. You know the usual tough alphabets 😉

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  3. Alice Gerard

    I was going to say that i hadn’t read any books set in Australia but i remember having read “The Thorn Birds.” Thank you for the book recommendations. I think that I would enjoy reading more about Australia.

    1. Post

      Yay, good you have read The Thorn Birds. I agree that we must read more books about Australia. I plan to read Liane’s books. Thanks for visiting.

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