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The Casanova’s wife is pretty much what the title says – taming of one wild guy. Bharat is a hot, handsome hunk and a super model to boot. He has women falling all over him and he meets Dia, a young intern at a party. He is bowled over by her charm, wit and beauty even though she insists on calling herself plain most of the time. They meet and share an unforgettable night and then just cannot stay in touch even though both want to.

A couple of years later they meet again and the sparks still fly. The story is a simple enough love story with a strong influence of the family as is the norm in this series by Sundari. Marriages made in India is a series of five book which is hot romance, to say the least, but all the books have a very strong familial influence in spite of the hotness quotient. The stories are about the Maheshwari family and most of the members make an appearance in this novella as well.

The twist was the meeting and disappearing of the lovers and how they finally unite. Lovers who respect their family wishes as well as find time for romance, both Bharat & Dia strike a fine balance. Another thing I liked about this book was the confidence of Dia for her work. Love does make our life full but it still kept her focused on her career. It was a bit too easy for them to connect but overall the story moved fast. It is the story reflecting the changing times and lifestyles of today.

As always, Sundari balances this real hot romance with family values and traditions making it a well paced, fun read. All the books so far in the series are good. I think they are perfect for lovers of sizzling hot Indian romance.

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The Casanova’s Wife 

(Marriages Made in India #4)


Sundari Venkatraman


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Bharat is the elder of the Maheshwari twins. Being a super model, he travels from Jaipur to Mumbai to Delhi, modelling for high-end brands and playing show stopper during fashion shows. Clothes, jewellery, glares, briefs – you name it and Bharat Maheshwari models for it.

Dia Mathur is a management trainee based in Mumbai. She’s surprised to find herself at an after event party hosted by a major fashion label, thanks to her best friend. That’s where she meets Bharat, completely unaware of his claim to fame.

Sparks sizzle and they get together instantaneously. But things fall apart when Dia realises that Bharat is quite the Casanova and might not make for a life partner. She disappears from his life…

…to surface again two years later, at no place other than his family’s drawing room in Jaipur. Will the Casanova turn a new leaf? Or will Dia have to play second, third or fourth fiddle to every gorgeous model who comes into his life?

Read Book #4 from MARRIAGES MADE IN INDIA series to find out more about “The Casanova’s Wife”.


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