Women Who Strive! #WarriorWomen

warrior women

She stands and stands out.

She asks and achieves.

She aspires and acquires.

She stops not till she is at the top.

An enigma, multifaceted, and multi talented. She is strong, she is steadfast, she stands out and she blends in. Her aura is ethereal, delicate yet solid. Her courage multi-layered, her wisdom spans eons. Her beauty is mercurial, her style is eternal.

She is a woman and each woman is a warrior woman. Her confidence and her courage are resilient. Her beliefs and thoughts are diverse and divergent yet she stands steadfast when she stands for her goals, her love, and her decisions. Subservient or dominant, she strives for each success. she is a woman, a warrior woman. One is the opposite of the other but both women give it all for what they yearn.

She stands and serves.

She serves and supports.

She support and nurtures.

She nurtures until she is no more.

These lines describe scores of women across the globe, going on with their daily, simple lives. Working their way from one day to the next. Do they ask, do they question, do they assert themselves? No, they just survive one day at a time.

These are the real warrior woman for me. The woman who chooses to be silent and serve when she could speak up. Yet her love stopped her, her faith stopped her, her quiet dignity stopped her.

We all know of women like her, the simple, quiet, subservient types. She speaks when spoken to and does your bidding or anyone else’s. She may be one of the most forgettable friends yet she surprises with her dedication and resilience.

Her strength is seen in her children who excel, her husband who shines, her home that sparkles, and that smile on her face – no matter what. She is may be ‘just a housewife, a homemaker’ but she makes the nations, the characters, the icons, and the trendsetters.

She is my Warrior Woman.

Who is a Warrior Woman for you?

Do you know any wonderful woman? I am sure you do!

Take a look around, take a look within and share your thoughts with us.

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Women’s Web Blogathon…Go!

Share your story of a warrior woman – perhaps a woman you know who’s battled the odds, or someone who actually serves in the forces, or a historical warrior woman – or maybe yourself!

There are no limits to this story-telling – except your imagination. Women’s Web is waiting to hear your story, inspired by that of Aremis.


“A woman full of courage, with dagger and sword, arrow and bow,

Will do countless deeds: dark and light, right and low.

Her armour dark and armour gold,

Around her red rivers will flow.”

~ Empire




Devi Yesodharan

Empire is a stunning historical novel set in the time of the Chola empire, with superb plotting and a memorable and unique heroine, Aremis.

An Indian empire at the peak of its power. Everyone wants a share of the riches of Nagapattinam. When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated by the navy and forced to pay a compensation. A payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis.

Aremis grows up to be a skilled warrior, a great asset to the Cholas. But she is a foreigner among her captors, even though the emperor trusts her to guard his person. Empire is the story of a lone Greek girl among Tamil boys.

You can pick this exciting read at Juggernaut Books.

Dates & a few other things

  • Create a post on your own blog
  • Last date: Sept 10th 2017
  • There is no word limit; there is no limit to the number of posts you can put up for this blogathon
  • 20 shortlisted posts will receive a copy of Devi Yesodharan’s stunning historical novel, Empire. This will be an advance copy which only limited people will have access to till the release of the book on Sept 1st.
  • All post must include the following blurb with URL in the post: When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated by the navy and forced to pay a compensation. A payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis. Check out this new historical novel Empire (http://bit.ly/DeviEmpire) with a warrior woman, Aremis at the heart of the novel.

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  1. Eli

    Very interesting Inderpreet:-) Always inspiring to read about those women – against all odds – ! So many wonderwomen out there, empowering and inspiring:-)

  2. Shilpa Garg

    There are a LOT of warrior woman around us, in fact all of us are!! Greek girl among Tamil boys is an intriguing plot. Will look out for it. Thanks for sharing, Inderpreet!

    1. Post

      I agree the plot is quite interesting. Just to know the girl made a place for herself and a warrior no less. I hope you write for the contest Shilpa, your words are so deep and interesting.

    1. Post
    1. Post

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