Simha International (The Bansal Legacy, #1) by Sundari Venkatraman #BookReview

Simha International (The Bansal Legacy, #1)

Simha International is a first of the three-part series and has luxury hotels as the backdrop of the novel. A romance series that takes us to the various five-star properties across India. The hero, Rohit is intelligent, self-made, and kind. A well balanced, millennium man who keeps all aspects of work and life quite balanced. He falls for Tasha who is in a situation and Rohit helps her out. She is a hard working girl with no airs but is floored by his kindness and generosity. Their love blossoms and eventually they are working together.

I loved the side of Goa that was explored in Simha International so had to add a bit of the beach in the banner! I am eager to read the rest of the series.

Tasha is from a family where her family does not really care for her. In this book, Sundari shares the angst of many girls from conservative families who think that the world revolves around their sons. Women who work hard yet are never appreciated for what they do since they are not a boy. Her mother is no different and her brother follows what he sees their mother does.

Simha International is set in the backdrop of a bit of intrigue and cheating. One, there is a thief within the premises and two, an ex-boyfriend tries to join the hotel. Rohit and Tasha face the difficulties together and they have some stellar staff. Slowly the situation is under control and their relationship grows with the challenges they face.

I found the story interesting, a bit different with a little thief in the story and a second chance for the lovers. This book is first in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy and the author introduces us to the parents of Rohit and his siblings. Love of siblings, a family that supports and men that are not just handsome but intelligent and kind make this book a perfect start for the series. A bit of crime, deceit, a healthy dose of love and romance make Simha International a fun read any time.


Pick any book by Sundari and enjoy romance with an Indian twist even if it is in an international location 🙂



Simha International (The Bansal Legacy, #1)


Rohit Bansal, the handsome and suave managing director of Simha International, is the envy of many—from a director of the hotel to an employee.

A thief comes up with a simple modus operandi, believing that nobody’s really going to find out anything about the thefts taking place. But when a guest brings it to his notice, Rohit is determined to save the reputation of Simha International and ropes in a top-notch detective. Will Rohit be able to find who the thief is before time runs out?

The lovely and intelligent Tasha Sawant goes to work at Simha International as the duty manager. Her experience in the hotel industry only adds to the hotel’s excellent service.

Tasha is attracted to Rohit and it would seem that he reciprocates her feelings. Well, the lady isn’t looking for a permanent relationship as it looks likes she’s already had an unpleasant experience. But then, what about the guy? Does Rohit want any kind of relationship with Tasha?

*Simha International is the first book in the trilogy called The Bansal Legacy.





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