Silence Under The Blue Sky #BookReview

Silence: Under the Blue Sky

This book is written by an Air force officer and it is her story of rising from the ashes. She lost her husband in the Jamnagar Air crash on 30 August 2012, two helicopters crashed in Jamnagar killing nine air warriors.

This is a book filled with courage, patriotism, and resilience. The story shares the story of an air crash and the subsequent fall out for one family. The lady who resurrects herself as an air warrior herself as a homage and faith to her deceased husband and the Airforce.

The book is far from heartbreaking or melancholy, it is, in fact, a testimony of how a strong person can turn around any difficult situation. The story starts just before the Jamnagar crash, it expertly highlights the best aspects of the Air force and the bonhomie that exists.

The support and care the lady – a Veer Nari (war widow) & her family got during her ordeal is commendable. With a baby on the way and a toddler at hand, she strives and shines in spite of the naysayers around. The book reads as the story of her life and the tragedy that strikes her. How she has surmounted it and set an example for others is the high point.

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This story is of Squadron Leader Srinivasan who is an inspiration and as an ode to her loved one. Maltam, the junior is narrating this story and the surprise at the end of how her life had changed made it a satisfying read.

This is an emotional read, more so since I am an army wife and I have seen how a life gets shattered in a matter of moments. The author has not glossed over the hard parts, the death of Late Squadron Leader V Manoj Nair, its aftermath and the questions – all have been answered, whether it was a small child or a grown relative.

I recommend every Indian to read this book, it is a statement of the bravery, sacrifices, loyalty, and dedication of our forces, the officers and their families.


Jai Hind!



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Silence (Under The Blue Sky#1)


 Rajalakshmi Prithviraj

Set against the backdrop of the Jamnagar Helicopter crash on 30 August 2012, where two helicopters of the Indian Air Force had a mid-air collision, this story is a reality fiction, loosely based on the true story of an Air Warrior from the Indian Air Force. Narrated through the silent echo of the sorrowful heart of one the shattered families, their pain is best expressed as silent streams of tears flowing noiselessly down a pair of eyes that have intensely loved and sadly lost. Sometimes, when the heart weeps, there is only language that it understands…..Silence.



  1. Anamika Agnihotri

    It is courageous for defence forces families to live their lives. It must have been heart wrenching for the author to go through the pain all over again to come up with this book. I think I might pick up this book for reading.

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