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Social media and news in recent times have been filled with hate and negativity. Just as you cannot fight the darkness, only light lamps, Hate and Negativity cannot be fought. You need to bring Love and Positivity forward instead.

I bring to you the We Are the World Blogfest.

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Today I share a story about Crowdfunding — the practice of raising small amounts of money from a large number of donors online — was once the province of startups and political campaigns. Over the past five years, it has ballooned into a multibillion-dollar charity industry, with donations going not to gadgets or causes but to individual people.

This growth is fueled by the generosity of ordinary people and social media-driven campaigns.

It is the Kindness of Strangers



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Your co-hosts for this month are: 

Simon FalkRoshan RadhakrishnanInderpreet Uppal, Lynn HallbrooksEric Lahti, and Mary J Giese

Please link to them in your WATWB posts and go say hi!

Here are the guidelines for #WATWB:

1. Keep your post to Below 500 words, as much as possible.

2. Link to a human news story on your blogone that shows love, humanity, and brotherhood. Paste in an excerpt and tell us why it touched you. The Link is important because it actually makes us look through the news to find the positive ones to post.

3. No story is too big or small, as long as it Goes Beyond religion and politics, into the core of humanity.

4. Place the WE ARE THE WORLD badge or banner on your Post and your Sidebar. Some of you have already done so, this is just a gentle reminder for the others.


5. Help us spread the word on social media. Feel free to tweet, share using the #WATWB hashtag to help us trend!

Tweets, Facebook shares, Pins, Instagram, G+ shares using the #WATWB hashtag through the month most welcome. We’ll try and follow and share all those who post on the #WATWB hashtag, and we encourage you to do the same.Have your followers click Here to enter their link and join us! Bigger the #WATWB group each month, more the joy!

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  2. Lynn Hallbrooks

    Between people donating and people sharing via Social Media, positive results can be seen on crowdfunding sites. Thanks for sharing this story and for being a part of #WATWB

  3. Vinitha

    Strangers coming to getter to help people in need is so wonderful and crowdfunding is doing a great job. Will go through the kinky to read other positive stories, Inderpreet.

  4. Sulekha

    Inderpreet, it is a great initiative. We are the world blogfest is doing an amazing job of spreading positivity in the world. I will try and participate soon.

    1. Post
  5. Vishal Bheeroo

    It is the kind of action at the grassroot level and kindness to make a difference rather than pointing fingers. Thanks for writing about it, Inderpreet. Together, people can make a huge difference to lives,

    1. Post

      Thanks for joining us, Parul. You can share your post by the first week of September. We have it every month on the last Friday. There is still time. Welcome to #WATWB

  6. Soumya

    What a touching story this was! We need more people like you and your co-hosts and make a difference to this almost impassionate world.

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