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Picture Perfect Love 


As the title suggests, don’t we all search or want our love and loved one to be just perfect. Jenna and Ashton Vance have a history and it took Ash two years to go back to make amends. The book is quite fast paced; in fact the story is set over a few weeks. From the time Ash comes back and apologies to Jenna and learns of the hardships she faced he realizes he wronged her and starts to win her over and make amends.

I read the story wondering how Ash would make amends for the disaster he created; at the beginning it seemed so difficult, so much damage had been done in the relationship. Much as both yearned for the love they had lost, they did not know how to begin afresh!

The book is about forgiveness and second chances, believing in God’s handiwork. It is so simple and thoughtful the way god’s wisdom is integrated into the book. The part where Ashton, his errant sister and her fiancé – the nice guy, help out really stood out for me. It reminds us of the subtle ways blessing find a way to be in our lives.

The only sore note for me was when for the second time Ashton fails Jenna – how stupid is that, especially when he got a second chance. Trust is the cornerstone of any relationship and he forgets that. He is one lucky guy that they got back together.

The story is well written and well edited. The emotions, thoughts and feelings are expressed finely, moving me too. I was angry for the Jenna, upset with Ashton’s disbelief; finding his father so rude. I always find the stories that get my thoughts and feelings moving a good read. Even though Picture Perfect Love was about amends my feelings were stirred and I loved the book for it.

Melissa McClonehas written a beautiful, fast paced story, a page turner. The need to know how Jenna will manage the conflicting emotion, will Ash fail or will he redeem himself and how the secondary characters will help or hurt their love kept me going. I wanted to find out if sweet Jenna found her happily ever after or not?

Love like life cannot be perfect as this novella amply demonstrates but it also tells us to keep the faith. Love is flawed but this book Picture Perfect Love shares it’s beauty and light perfectly.

A perfect summer read! Weddings, love, faith and second chances – it is all here to woo you!

(I received a copy of the book from Litfuse Publicity for my honest review)
Picture Perfect Love

by Melissa McClone   
Contemporary Romance

Melissa McClone’sYear of Weddings Novella,Picture Perfect Love.

Photographer Jenna Harrison wants every bride and groom to look picture perfect on their special day, putting her heart into every wedding to give the couple memorable images of their love. But her own heart is still broken, the unworn wedding dress hanging in her closet a reminder that relationships aren’t always as perfect as they look through her camera lens. But Jenna has faith that she will find true love. Until then, she must be patient and trust in God’s plan and His perfect timing.
Attorney Ashton Vance is the one that got away. When an embarrassing Photoshopped picture of put an end to his political aspirations, he blamed Jenna. So what if the photo led to his being offered a dream job and changing his life for the better? Jenna betrayed his trust, and two years later, Ashton’s heart still hasn’t recovered.
It was me. His younger sister’s three words turn Ashton’s world upside down. He must ask Jenna’s forgiveness, but can he risk his heart a second time? Even if Jenna can forgive him, dare he hope for a second chance at her love?

 Meet the Author

Melissa McClone has published over thirty novels with Harlequin and Tule Publishing Group. She has also been nominated for Romance Writers of America’s RITA® award. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, three school-aged children, two spoiled Norwegian Elkhounds and cats who think they rule the house.

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