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My short story book, Generously Yours was released on Amazon this year.

I am blessed to note that it is gathering good reviews and love from readers and fellow authors.

This is what Author of The Fragile Thread of Hope, Pankaj Giri.

“I never knew she was so multi-talented—book reviewer, editor, and now an author too! I bought the book immediately and began reading it. I loved how different objects in the house reminded Diya of her past and emotions associated with it. It was shown rather than told, so I truly appreciate that aspect of Inderpreet’s writing. I really liked how she has written the character of Diya and shown her strength despite her pain. After all, despite all the sufferings we endure in life, we have to move on.”

Read the full review here Pankaj Giri Author reviews Generously Yours


#Generously Yours


Diya has everyone around her but she is alone.
#Lonely – that’s what she is. She looks for that one special person who just knows her expressions.
He loves her moods, #feelings he can read and #emotions he understands.
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