Green Cake Engineer Rebuilds Gaza #WATWB


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The young engineer with a plan to rebuild Gaza is Majid Mashharawi. Even though wars in the past 10 years have decimated Gaza, a young girl is rebuilding it with the materials found right there in the city. 

Mashharawi hopes Green Cake will help Gaza residents towards self-sufficiency by freeing them from the need to import building materials from outside. Getting hold of construction materials in Gaza is expensive and time-consuming – if possible at all. 

Green Cake looks like ordinary concrete but is more environmentally friendly as it re-uses coal ash. It is called ‘cake’ because it is much lighter than concrete, and the blocks are 25 percent cheaper than concrete equivalents.




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  1. Simon Falk

    Such as troubled part of the world. When I was in Israel and Palestinian territories in 2010 I felt the force of their millennia old pain. Majid is doing a wonderful thing. May her efforts continue to help the people there in poor troubled Gaza. Thanks for sharing and for co-hosting us.

  2. susan scott

    “A famous quote here reads: ‘You cannot build your future without helping others to build theirs.’ Thanks Inderpreet, this is an amazing quote and story, thank you for sharing it. Green ash – who would have thought? Thanks also for co-hosting this month.

  3. Deborah Drucker

    I am inspired by the story of this young woman and was struck by her quote: “Stereotypes here state that women are not suitable for engineering as it requires hard work and muscles. But physics and mathematics are my passions: I wanted deeply to be an engineer.” She is very courageous to overcome these personal and environmental obstacles. A true Phoenix rising from the ashes.Wish her continued success.

  4. Deborah Weber

    This is such a wonderful and powerful story on so many levels – kudos to Majid Mashharawi for this innovative creation, for her commitment to rebuilding what has been war-torn, and for becoming the engineer she longed to be despite the odds. So many wins, and so much to celebrate.

    Thanks for sharing this story, and for co-hosting this month.

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