Mission of Love JULIET’S JOURNEY

Juliet’s Journey is a fast read, with good language and perfect for a bright summer day or a cozy winter evening painting pictures of a quaint, town. So much of the beauty and heritage of the town comes across, and the sights and sounds of San Remo.

I finished it in a few hours and enjoyed the swift read. Juliet and her thoughts keep the story flowing. Her journey is of finding herself along with facing big changes in her life.  Luca da Silverstri  is the brooding, handsome guy who is as good looking as he is mysterious. How much can a gal resist, I didn’t want to miss a word of what he said!

As often when we face a trauma or loss of a loved one we tend to make sweeping changes; Juliet did the same. She moves to a picturesque small town Baiardo in Italy to volunteer at an art school. The book has a lot more to be sorted eventually and leaves the reader wanting more. The art school and her ancestral home both have a vague future yet the book closes on a positive and upbeat note. The book cover is beautiful and the book describes the locations so well that I felt I had visited this place.

Juliet’s brother, Jonathan, Chloe his girlfriend and Juliet’s very supportive friend Zellie add to the story and the surprising love angle make for an interesting plot twist. Stuart, the ex boyfriend caused a lot of trouble and heartburn, making me wonder what she found good in him in the first place.  

Yet characters like Antoinette, Carrie and many more add to the essence of the book, highlighting the Italian connection. Many of them asking for their own stories to be told!

The language of the book is peppered with Italian and “Ti amo, amore mio” never felt more perfect. Kathy’s writing style is effortless, fluid and the sprinkling of Italian adds to the reading experience.

A well spun story of finding true love and family when you least expect it but such is life.

(I received a copy of the book from the author, the view are my own unbiased views)

Juliet’s Journey  by Kathy Gates

Juliet Carlsen is grieving the loss of her mother. Six weeks after the funeral she is about to arrive in a tiny village in northern Italy. The village, Baiardo, is home to an art school where she is to spend a month as a volunteer. Her best friend had convinced her that a change of scene would do her good but, as she nears her destination, she is not so sure: was it really necessary to travel so far out of her comfort zone? 

Baiardo turns out to be her haven. The warm welcome and serene beauty work their healing magic. The attentions of a handsome local named Luca don’t hurt either. Then someone from Juliet’s past shows up and turns everything on its head. 


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