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The lavish spread consists of over six different cuisines and ten different types of sweets. This is not counting the mind boggling array of snacks on offer. This is generally what we come across in any of the upmarket weddings taking place in the many 5 star hotels across the country.

The big fat Indian wedding takes on a whole new meaning when also compare it with the average meal an Indian gets in his or her own home or rather homeless. How many men or women can be fed out of a single wedding function and just think of the number of functions we attend for a single wedding?

Not a single one of you would disagree when I say that at one time or another you must have said I cannot eat all this or I cannot attend another such feast!

Imagine what a good deed it might be if we could brag about the number of children we could feed out of our wedding budgets or birthday and anniversary parties?

The impact this change would cause in the sheer number of hungry children and the good will it would spread.

The elders always had the tradition of donating food, clothes, books & toys etc on their birthday or any other special occasion. Why can we not revisit this tradition.
I think in today’s materialistic world we all have become hoarders. Buying so much and yet yearning for so much more. The next big buy, the next big diamond, the next big TV, the next big bike, the next big house and the next big party.

There is always a next time, the next big event, the next big outing, we are never satiated, never satisfied and never stop collecting.

Like notches on a pillar, making our achievements; these ostentatious display of money slowly turns into a vulgar display of who can shell out more money for more exotic adventures.
Imagine a world free of hunger and want, access to education for all children. If we can provide food and education to a single generation in our life time we can change the world.

This can be done if each one of us chooses not to have yet another over the top display of money and parties trying to feed those who can stop eating for a week and still not get hungry!

Yes, it is a joyous occasion and you must celebrate but do you really need 7 to 10 functions inviting people you have not even spoken to in the last decade for the celebrations. I am sure if strangers fit the bill for invitation; these children are perfect.
Add to this the number of children you can feed out of a single wedding and I am sure you would love to be a part of this initiative. Let us share this with those underprivileged children whose life can be changed with your efforts.

I urge to make a pledge to share this point of view; instead of buying more for yourself and having one more over stuffed function, share it with the needy. Imagine how many lives would change because you had one less function in your marriage or celebration.

Join Akshaypatra and donate and BLOG for the education and food of these children.Your words are powerful. I urge all my fellow bloggers to blog about this initiative.



‘This initiative can eliminate classroom hunger.
Imagine what India would be like if no child goes hungry and an entire generation is educated.’

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1DfmguKVHE]

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