Love Redeems! A WALK IN THE RAIN

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A WALK IN THE RAIN is a love story with revenge, lost love and second chances. It is the story of Sunny, who having lost his first love from his school days is still living in the past. His girlfriend Sandy is also missing as we try to learn of what is going on in their lives now. A bit of flashback and a bit of present-day take the story forward.

His friend Imran who is a goon himself, along with Sunny gets them both in trouble and is killed. Strangely, of the lot of his friends, Sunny is the only one who seems to be doing an honest job. I was also interested in the parallel story of Saloni and her prostitute friend Pooja who has a sort of love affair with Sam. The book, A Walk In The Rain is about second chances and not judging. No one wants to become a prostitute wilfully. Yet, our attitude towards them is full of scorn and disgust.

Sunny too feels very angry with Saloni, a prostitute. She is the only one who can lead sunny to Imran’s killer. He asks her help to track down Imran’s killer in lieu of payment and she agrees since she needs the money. The premise was a bit farfetched since an ordinary person would not be able to locate seasoned goons especially within a day or two. The police are also on their hunt, looking for the persons involved in the fight that killed Imran.

The two of them need to stay together and help each other even though they don’t want to. Slowly they discover the truth about each other and end up helping each other. A relationship based on money turns into friendship.

The story has a couple of subplots, Pooja and her friend, Imran and his brothers, the evil goon Victor, the sick parents and the past stories of Sunny and Pooja. They work well into the story. It could improve with tighter narration since few parts seemed repeated from another point of view. The book needs a good round of editing since the language is a bit awkward in places

“Sam stood where he was, with his jaws dropped in disbelief and eyes wet.”
“He knew that she was trying to ease him despite her pain.”
“Yes… Imran was a rare fun.”
“Find me tomorrow and propose me.”

The climax is especially heartwarming as both Sunny and Saloni meet their true selves. The author made their reunion special with the rain and tied all the threads and subplots together with a credible ending. Love triumphs and freed from the shackles that held it. The ending left me with a smile and I could visualise the lovers walking down the beach enjoying the rain.





A Walk in the Rain


Udai Yadla


Love is elixir that keeps you alive. Love is poison that kills you. Unreciprocated love keeps you alive but kills every day.

Heartbroken Sunny lives a reclusive life, trapped in the past, living in his memories. He has no complaints about his life but refuses to embrace the present.

Saloni is a prostitute who is desperate to earn money by any means. She does not care about exploiting others to fulfill her purpose.

Fate unites the loner and the prostitute to embark on a life changing journey of retribution and self discovery.

Lovelorn Sunny turns misogynistic after Sandy, the only girl he loved walks away from his life, unannounced. He suffers painful solitude for almost two decades with the relentless haunting of her thoughts. A distressed friend Imran, vows to change his life forever. A surprise planned for his birthday turns into a tragedy that claims the life of his dear friend, triggering a series of unbelievable events. As Imran gets killed by a stranger, Sunny’s calm life suddenly turns into a turbulent storm. With nothing left to live for, vengeance becomes his ultimate mission. His reluctant alliance with a prostitute to trace the killer sets him onto a nerve racking adventure of life and death.

Both are bound to a common goal with different motives but destiny has its own motive. A walk in the rain is an intricate tale of intense emotions, driven by hair raising twists and turns.



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