Everywhere I looked, where ever I read, I just found high praise for this book KINGDOM COME and I was so interested to read it. Boy! Was it difficult to get my hands on one but thanks to the #TornadoGiveaway by +TheBookClub and the #WriteTribe Book review program I did finally manage to get my hands on both the paperback and eBook!  Yes, good things do indeed come to those who wait.

My wait for the book was well rewarded as the book is fantastic and I recommend it as a must read. Aarti has done so much research and detailed the scenarios so exquisitely that I feel I have finally found the Indian answer to Sidney Sheldon and Jeffery Archer!!

You disagree?  I don’t care as Aarti knows what she is writing about. Detailed background checks, nail-biting scenarios, attention to detail, sizzling chemistry and enchanting visual descriptions. Add to that the huge amount of emotional baggage the characters carry – all of them. Just describing it alone would be a herculean task for me!! She does it effortlessly and makes reading “Kingdom Come” a pleasure.

Too high praise you say? Well I feel the way the story unfolds, it has maybe one odd twist that was predictable and rest was just plain thrilling. The language she uses is crisp, full of descriptions and yet precise and has a sense of humour. The narration and scenes are tautly drawn without a single moment where you want to put the book down. In fact, I had so much trouble keeping the book down because of other personal work L

I wanted to shut out the world like I used to as a young girl; when my mother’s scolding would fall on deaf ears and she would blame herself for introducing me to reading and the love of books. This book has the right balance of a beautiful, evocative, poignant love story – the kind that is possible when you have seen the fragility of life. It also has all the elements of a spy thriller with big baddies, bigger bombs and crazy villains. Did I mention the scorching romances?

There are no slow points and the twists and turns just keep going on, so much that you are amazed that, can anything more happen? Luckily for you it does. J

All I want to say is please keep writing Aarti and as I eagerly await your next book.

I can read your books till kingdom come.

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