India as One by Love : Book Review

This is a long read at 360 plus pages but you want to keep reading because it is about India and two lovers, sweet, innocent and good friends and as you keep waiting for the twist to come in the love story from the regular angles; it does not come.
India Was One is about a pair of lovers who have an easy love story, too smooth a journey and it makes you jealous or makes you want a similar one for yourself. But it is true, even I know of lovers with supportive parents, who have married and have a happy life in spite of coming from different religions and communities.
Jai and Kaahi too are lucky and reading about their life, friends and travels is a lot of fun.
What also keeps you reading is the fact that it is about India and as an Indian I found that both interesting and too preachy at times!
Having said that, this novel is neither a travelogue nor a memoir but something in-between and the book has a bit long-winded explanations.
It does wax eloquent about India and the various ‘Indianisms’ but the language could be sharper and a few repetitions avoided. The story seems too much about the journey at times and I ended up waiting for the real action to start.
I am not disappointed when it does, it is fast-paced and I had expected more action or drama for how the two lovers are united. I enjoyed the way the author has described divided India and all the changes that take place. 
The role of the Indian army and the balancing force with which the army is portrayed made my heart swell with joy. It reminded me of many discussions we have had as Army being the solution to a lot of problems that India faces!
The twist in the tale and the ending are all brought together beautifully in India Was One. The author has achieved all that he set out to say when he wrote this novel. The fact that he also wants all of us to realize that we are Indians first and foremost and manages to express it so beautifully.
My review will be incomplete if I don’t mention that the artwork is just superb in the book, making it a visual treat. Here are a few of my favourite ones, read the book to see more 😉
The artwork in the book and the cover are designed by Darshini. Simply perfect!

 The novel ends with the lines of a beautiful poem and reminds you of all that is INDIA.
She stands with arms open,
Steadfast in times of turmoil,
Donning the lovely tri-colors,
Holy rivers making a beautiful smile.
India Is One, we all believe it. 

Read for a healthy dose of patriotism and realizing that what could happen if we keep looking at the other side.

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I got a copy of the book, India Was One  from the author in return of my review about the book 😉

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