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Sweet Revenge Cover
Sweet Revenge is the second book I have read by Oliver Lafont and I am not disappointed at all. Firstly the language is superb, keeps the story flowing and the smattering of French adds to the narration. The story immediately pulled me in and I was amazed at the expert handling of romance by the author whose previous book was a mythological, action read – Warrior. This one is very different and I have to say full justice to this genre but then even in Warrior the love angle was very well etched by the author.
The story is of a typical misunderstanding between lovers but adding to it is dishonesty and selfish people who want to ensure the lovers stay apart. In turn the “she did it, no he did it” ensures both Guy and Eve keep trying to equal the score or try and seek revenge. The story is fast paced, not a dull moment and the twists and turns kept me engrossed. I read the book in two sittings but it was a hard to put down book.
The author has taken a romance and woven a tale with twists and turns making it into a page turner. The one thing that I was not happy with was the cover, it is a bit misleading. The picture makes the reader think that it is a steamy, erotic read but the book is far from it. It is hot inside the covers, no doubt but the kind a reader enjoys and won’t hesitate to share with friends. A very tasteful read, I am recommending it to my mom. She will enjoy it, such is the layered story. 
The characters are all well developed and endearing. I especially loved reading about Petite Maman – guy’s Grandmother who evoked so much love and faith. Another thing I enjoyed was that the thoughts of both the protagonists were shared by the author and he has done full justice to both of their emotions and thoughts.
“No photograph had ever captured him that well, that humanly. In this man were qualities and strengths anyone would die to have.”
The path of true love is never easy and here the deceit, confusion and ego, all have their share in keeping the lovers apart. Even a scheming relative adds to the plot. The fast paced story with delightful passages filled with love and its myriad feelings and thoughts had me smiling and reading much to the annoyance of my son. He never likes it when he can’t find pictures in what I read – poor kid, doesn’t know what he is missing! 😉
An effortlessly handsome, well-etched hero who made me swoon and drool. Strong, self-made and the quintessential romance hero; Oliver has written Guy perfectly.
Eve, the heroine is smart, sweet, honest and sexy as sin. She embodies femininity and style, a gentle lady with an artist’s soul as the reader will discover.
“She was a vision in red satin, something out of fashion legend, with the black sash cinched around the waist he had caresses to madness days before.”
Sentences that speak of adoration, rapture and longing to be in each other’s arms; feeling and sharing love. Language that beautifies the emotions and feeling make this a seductive, sensuous and amorous read. I just loved the book and will be reading it again – a very rare thing for me since I can count the handful of books I have re-read! A sublime read for the lovers of romance and love.
All I can say is – another romance please, Oliver. Hope you are already writing one!
(I got a copy of the book from the author; the review is my own.)
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Sweet Revenge

Oliver LafontSweet Revenge Cover
If revenge was a dish best served cold, then French Adonis Guy Leguerec knew exactly what to serve treacherous and desirable Eve Watson… 
Seven years after Louisiana, where Eve devastated his heart and ruthlessly wiped out his future, Guy finds her in Boston opening her first art showing. Now a wealthy and powerful shipping magnate, Guy lures Eve into his trap of seduction and opulence, intent on one thing only: getting revenge for her crimes. 
When American artist Eve Watson sees the only man she ever loved enter the art gallery, and re-enter her life, she feels helpless terror and frenzied desire. Seven years ago Guy Leguerec had seduced her heart, exploited her body, and then discarded her. Against her better judgment she accepts his invitation, and once again they spiral into a maelstrom of irresistible passion, divinely rampant sex, and the brutal politics of unknown intentions… 
Violently sundered by their volatile misconceptions, Eve flees Boston in emotional tatters, and Guy grudgingly lets her vanish, his revenge thwarted. 
But destiny has planned otherwise: Eve has taken an art job in Paris, ignorant of the fact that the company is one of many subsidiary businesses belonging to Guy. Flung together again in an even more precarious position, Eve and Guy must war with each other and themselves, and confront seven years of misapprehension and malign manipulation.
Greed, family vendetta, and deception have eaten away at the intimacy they once shared — 
But is the truth enough to save their desperate, shipwrecked love? 


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