Guilty Pleasures by Deborah Fletcher Mello

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Guilty Pleasures is an inter-cultural love story between Alex and Sarai. He is from the US and she is from Thailand. There is an instant attraction between the two but when Alex finds out that, she is his brother’s friend he wants nothing to do with Sarai. The brothers have an ex-wife/ ex-girlfriend in common.

The book opens with the meeting of the two brothers Zachary and Alexander, who happen to be twins with many disagreements, old hurts between them. The book is a sweet, hot romance that highlights that true love can make all differences work for them.

The cultural change both Sarai and Alex face are quite testing yet they hold on since they believed in their love. Initially, I thought this would be another competitive story between brothers but Deborah took this book to another level. The camaraderie between the brothers and love of family makes this a fresh read. I am eager to read Zachary’s story now that I have had a glimpse of his hot skills 😉

The book is a fast-paced read and with lots of page-turners. I recommend it since it is a different read with new places and people to meet. The families of both Alex and Sarai added to the story of the book, making it more than just a love story. It is a culture mix and how deep down for all us family matters most.

Deborah writes with passion and I could read the book her in-depth research about the customs and traditions. It reminded me of the Indian marriage where everyone is involved and families and cousins add up to a few hundred people!

Love, doubts, challenges, sports, MMA and a trip to the picturesque Thailand made it an interesting romantic book to read.

Guilty Pleasures
(Bad Boys of Boulder #1)
Deborah Fletcher Mello

Former NBA star Alexander Barrett has slam dunked his career into second gear with the grand opening of his hot new gym in Boulder, Colorado. But his excitement is tempered when his estranged twin brother, MMA title holder Zachary “The Hammer” Barrett returns home from Thailand. Alex has never forgiven Zach for marrying his college sweetheart. And while they’re now divorced, his bitterness lingers.

Zach hoped to re-connect with his brother, but when his personal assistant and trainer, Sarai Montri, arrives, their rivalry is soon reignited. Highly educated, not to mention gorgeous, the former Miss Thailand captivates Alex for the first time since his heartbreak. But Sarai’s devotion to Zach only stirs up the past. Will the brothers’ competitive natures tear them apart once more–with Sarai caught in the middle? …


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