Grateful Me.

Vidya Sury Collecting Smiles

Every day we see so much, do so much,
Learn so much, forget so much.
Simple pleasures and super surprises.
Intricate issues and delicate denials.
Life made of just a little of this and a little of that.
Never forget just remember that;
 be always grateful for all that you got.
December is a month when we look back quite often as we see the year slipping away.
As the words above say we need to be grateful for all that we get, however big or small.
December is the month when we are thankful for not just a few days or weeks but an entire year.
I am a bit late but still I am here 🙂
A Collage of Gratefulness!
Just a few highlights of this past month.
I am thankful for
    ·     The time I had to reflect and recollect the year gone by. I have so much to be thankful for.

·  The unexpected break I got to enjoy with my family. And I extended it for a few days too!
· The lovely lessons my son learned at his grandparents knee.
· The new book published by my inspiration “SimmiHarshita Ki Lambi Kahaniya.”
·   The foggy winter days – got more time to cozy up with my loved ones.
·  For the month being so hectic that it just flew bye. Less winter to think about.
·  The almost endless supply of books to read and review. December has been especially hectic for my reading.
·  The patience of my authors you are kind enough to give me their books to review.
·   Book lovers like me who help me feel normal in a world that refuses to read the written word. Thanks my fellow readers.
· The spanking, sleek, and black Kindle for reading! I love books!! Duh!
· That my child appreciates that his mom is always on his case coz she loves him 😉
·   The happiness I feel that even though my post is not on the last Thursday of the month which by the way was super crazy; I have been able to post.
· That just before my order for dinner plates worth 14,000/- was packed at a major Crockery store, I saw that they had crooked edges and quite possibly were from the ‘second’s stock’ being sold on a full rate. Phew! What a save. Got instant refund too!!
· All the good people I met at various times during the year, both online and offline.
It has been a wonderful, loving, growing & learning experience throughout the year.
Finally I am grateful for this opportunity to share and you my esteemed reader for being here. Thank you for being a part of my life.
Wishing you Health & Happiness Always.


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