Getting ready for A to Z

The New Year is already old with a month already past. Days and weeks have slipped away and the new beginnings and plans already abandoned or changed and lucky ones implemented. The thought that time flies is never more obvious than during the beginning or an ending. 
One thing that I had planned last year and am slowly trying to execute is participating in the A to Z Challenge. I had been eagerly anticipating the A to Z and signed up as soon as it was up, I am at number 64. Here I was thinking I would be in top 20!   
I had read absolutely award winning words last year and met some fantastic people who are still a part of my blogging journey. A to Z for me was all about connecting, learning and growing. Trying the impossible task of visiting each and everyone signed up! Replying to every comment, sharing some love. 
The A to Z   was a turning point as it requires preparation, discipline, initiative and a go- getter attitude. It is not just about writing a blog post on an alphabet & trying to read other posts but also connecting to a theme & posts that connect with your audience.
Things that need to be done…………
1. I need plunge right in as soon as possible and get a lot of ground work done.
2. Learning from my last year’s experience, I plan to get the post layout and pictures added to draft posts.
3. Try and schedule as many as possible in February. All of them, I think. I downloaded the alphabet and badges toady.
4.Still to decide on the theme, I have a few playing around in my mind but still to vague to finalize. Hope I do it soon or else how would I get the posts written?
5.Organize my schedule, letting go of tasks and assignment that would hinder my computer time – lots of blogs to visit.
6.  Write short, kick-ass posts! (as soon as I have a theme)
7. Double check my sharing links and twitter handle in all widgets. A must so the post get exposure and I know when they are shared. Sharing is caring!
Still an empty page……..

It was a super fun experience with me thinking most of my posts on the day of the post or a day prior last year but not this year. This time I plan to get most of them done well ahead in time.
I will also be moving house from one city to another in end march so most of April will be for settling down – new school for my kid, new experiences, new home, and separation from loved ones and getting closer to others. A mixed bag of emotions.
Hope to visit a lot more blogs in the signup linky before April rolls around. I can try 🙂 

Last year I wrote about women, what do you think I should write about this time?

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