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Finding Juliet is a young man’s quest for his love, for the girl who would complete him, and understand him.  That the girl is right there and how we sometimes need to look inward before we can really see who we are and find our love and ourselves is the twist in the tale. A coming of age story making it the narrative of many youngsters both boys and girls out there. The young generation will relate to this story since it is set in their time and takes a slice out of their life. How it was to be young and carefree, looking out for more and more fun things to do. The story talks of his college and his family as well, overall Toffee has presented a realistic story of a man today.

 “The way to love anything is to realize it might be lost.” G.K. Chesterton.

For a book that starts with such a promising quote, Finding Juliet descends into a conquest bragging monologue pretty fast. Arjun is the guy who is telling his story and narrating how he lost his heart and piece of him to the girls he loved and his current state. The book then on reads like a diary of the boy who goes into details of the girl’s dress, clothing, style, and makeup, including the various flavors and shades of lipsticks. The book is the story of a guy going from a hard-working, sincere, honest and good guy (read loser) to a smart, handsome, successful, sneaky, Casanova ( read Dude). The successful transition is commendable since he improves himself on all levels except his morals  🙂

How each girl came into his life, became friends and how it led to love but not quite. If the initial part of the book is a story about his defeats the latter half is filled with conquests. How a discussion with his friend Krish turns his life around after a round of drinks and it all boils down to formulae and tricks. The story moves with each girl, his various friends who shape him and the major changes in his life. Through this all, his constant companion is his childhood friend Anjali as she goes on with her life.  She is an important part of his life and almost always there to hold his hand. The girls come and go as the seasons change but something eventually changes Arjun and he finds his Juliet.

The poetry and blog he writes and how they shape his life was an interesting part of the story as was his work environment. The family relation and his parents gave credibility to the book, making it very contemporary and realistic. Overall the entire book was an interesting and fast read – good for our time-crunched life. And I did enjoy the quotes on Krish’s Tees.

This is the first book I read on the newly launched Indian book reading Juggernaut app. I enjoyed the book and reading on the app is easy with a lot of customizations. The books open chapter wise or in parts and one can skip to any place, highlight and share as well. But for the life of me I could not figure out how to read in landscape or horizontal mode – do let me know if you have any idea since I prefer that setting.

Also, I need to figure out how to keep a bookmark, I kept losing it and going back to the beginning but then these are first-time reader issues and I hope to figure it all out by the next book. And I love the red color, so fresh and vibrant.

The app is well made and offers very good books and a lot of freebies as well, like other book portals. The best part is that it caters to Indian books and I appreciate the fact that now our Indian authors and books have their exclusive space. Keep a lookout for more reviews since I have already got a few books on my app.

(I downloaded the book from the juggernaut app and this is my honest review.)

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      You must!! It is a good reading experience and lots of Indian books, even Kiran Manral’s latest about bringing up boys. 😀 I got that one, will review it soon. Thanks for visiting.

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    Sounds interesting. I dont have an android device, so havent checked out juggernaut books app.

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