Endearing Army Love : SOLDIER & SPICE by Aditi Mathur Kumar

Soldier & Spice
As a fellow army wife I had picked up the book with a lot expectations and overall Aditi’s book does not disappoint. She has touched upon all the relevant and at times controversial topics that affect the life of an army wife. Glossed over them actually but this was a love story first and an army story second. The gossip and conflicts like this happen in every group of friends, ladies kitty clubs or even in office politics. She has meshed them very well into the story that might as well have been a love story. 
Soldier and Spice - An Army Wife's Life
Soldier and Spice – An Army Wife’s Life

by Aditi Mathur Kumar

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Passages like this remind us of the tough life of our husbands.
I must say she has handled the Army incidents with the finesse of an accomplished army wife. That said to make the book more about the Army wife and the army that makes her stand apart from wives I felt she needed to delve in greater detail into the lives of the army wives.
The challenges they faced the issues that hinder their progress or the dilemmas confronted by them. The long periods of separation, the isolation due to connectivity issues, lack of socialization and lack to access to basic amenities. Independent managing of family and house in far off isolated places and not in an independent bustling cantonment like Pathankot. What do the ladies do when the war and insurgency really hit home.
The book reads very smoothly and I wished to know more and more about the life of Pia and her handsome hubby. The characters are very likeable and even the weird and silly ones too feel like someone you have met.
I felt at times that I was reading the diary of a new house wife and not an army wife. It was only with the generous sprinkling of sentences like “Sitting on my MES sofa” that made my eyes roll and reminded me that I too was sitting on my MES sofa while reading it. Come on! It is just like any other regular sofa; not luxurious but functional. Much like most things in the army.
See MES sofa yet again!
Aditi Mathur Kumar’s book Soldier and Spice An Army Wife’s Tale is just that – a tale. Yes the army wife happens to be incidental in the book. It might as well have read as ‘a wife’s tale of love, faith and resilience’. She does manage to highlight the strength of an Army Wife though.
Pick up a copy today to get a candid insight into the army life from the eyes of the younger generation. To know more visit her blog Monolouge with her rib tickling views.

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