CAREMONGERS Support The Elderly amidst the #CoronaLockdown #WATWB

The world is reeling under the impact of COVID -19 and the elderly are the ones most impacted. Not only by the virus itself but also by the lockdown and problems it brings.

Social Distancing is not just keeping us safe but it is also isolating a lot of old and sick citizens. The world is together as we fight this pandemic and selfless citizens are helping those most in need.


Caremongers, a citizen-led group has joined hands with local authorities and delivery services in several cities to ensure that help is offered to those in need. Recently, Dunzo has come forward to support their initiative.

This is a citizen-led initiative to help people in need. Know somebody that needs assistance? Know somebody that can offer assistance? Perhaps you can shop for an elderly member in your community. Or perhaps you have extra face masks that you can distribute. Whatever the need, whatever you can offer, here is where they rally together for each other.

You can join them here via the Facebook Page.


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March 27, 2020, marks the 33rd installment of the We Are The World Blogfest #WATWB and our third anniversary!

Those passing through are welcome to share on Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media locations. The idea is to spread #positivity and #light to counterbalance the #negativity and #darkness in #socialmedia these days.

Our hosts for this month of #WATWB are : Sylvia McGrath, Damyanti Biswas, Shilpa Garg, Dan Antion, and click Here to enter their link and join us!

Bigger the #WATWB group each month, more the joy!


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  2. Sylvia McGrath

    CareMonger is a wonderful organization, especially during these trying times. Thank you so much for sharing and for being part of #WATWB. Stay well and safe. 🙂

  3. susan scott

    Thanks for this #WATWB post Inderpreet. I checked the FB link and it’s good to see that people are responding. Too true that our elderly are in great and dire need. May you and family take care and be safe.

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