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CACTI CULTURE is a handbook about cacti that pretty much covers everything about these prickly plants and the plus is that it talks about it with reference to Indian weather and temperatures. This book is written by Maj Gen C S Bewli (Retd) who is an expert on Cacti and has been growing these succulents for more than a decade. He has penned this book with the all possible details and questions any Cacti lover would have. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned Cacti lover this book has something for everyone.

The photos of the plants are very well shot and excellent in quality. Just looking at the pictures is a delight as you see the myriad colours, textures and varieties of the plants. It is an exhaustive home gardener’s guide, alright.

Cacti Culture – Prickles Of Pride is a book that is extremely well laid out in detailed sections and in the order, one would need to read it if you are new to growing Cacti. Quite military precision is visible in the sections and subsections. The display of the Cacti whether in a dish, garden, pots, terrace gardens or as terrariums are all explained in details. The FAQ’s cover any leftover questions as well as the myths about keeping thorny plants.

The pages cover the varieties that grow easily with pictures and details making it a ready reference for Cacti lovers. Even if you do not grow or like Cacti just the pictures will make you a fan of this beautiful and marvellous plant. A must have for cacti lovers! 5 Stars!!

I thank fingerprint publishing for the copy of the book.



CACTI CULTURE  (English, Paperback)

Cacti Culture Cover

A DETAILED BOOK with stunning images on all you need to know about CACTI.

This book offers everything that a novice would like to know: • Step by step advice to cultivate and propagate cacti under Indian climatic conditions, including coping with pests and diseases.

• FAQs that arise during the process of cultivating cacti.

• Advise on transformation of the whole collection of cacti from faded-looking humdrums to fresh-looking breath-takers.

• Suggestions for displaying cacti and creating your own tray garden and bottle garden.

If thorns bring bad luck, then universal garden favourites such as roses and bougainvillea’s that need so much care and attention and resemble thorny bushes for a major part of the year should be abandoned. On the contrary, cactus appears attractive all the year round, even when it’s not flowering. Don’t shun cacti because of their thorns; there are many cactus species without thorns and are much sought after by gardening enthusiasts and are a collector’s delight!


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Maj Gen C S Bewli

Major General Chanderjeet Singh Bewli is a trained Land Surveying Engineer with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Post Graduate diplomas in Computer Applications and Geographic Information Systems. He has been the President of National Cactus & Succulent Society of India for over a decade. He is a columnist with The Tribune, where he contributes articles on cacti, bonsai, and other gardening disciplines. He is the promoter of Bonsai Culture Society, Chandigarh, and has been one of the pioneers in generating awareness about the creation of bonsai in the region by holding solo exhibitions and conducting classes and lectures. He is the President of Bonsai Culture Society, Chandigarh and have been one of the pioneers in generating awareness about bonsai in the region. His Solo Exhibition of bonsai held in July 2011 at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh was a step further in this direction. I have a collection of about 300 bonsais. The President of the National Cactus & Succulent Society of India for the past over a decade; it is the oldest and the biggest such society in the country. He is into sculpting for the past over three decades and has collection of 50 sculptures. A Solo Exhibition of his wooden sculptures was held at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Chandigarh in August 2011.


  1. Shilpa Gupte

    You know, this book could be an eye-opener for many of us who have some preconceived notions, or may I say, superstitions regarding Cacti. Me included. Now, when you mention roses and bougainvilleas being equally thorny, I really need to change my outlook towards these succulent beauties. I have a few of these and I must say that they add a kind of charm to my garden, much more than a rose bush would do!

  2. Roshan Radhakrishnan

    I think this would actually be quite useful… many do not know the exact conditions to grow it in, how to handle it and where to place it in their gardens… so this would be helpful

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