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I learnt of this organisation that is uniting runaway or lost children with their parents.

Indian railways is a very large network of trains and it is easy for kids to get lost there. 

It started as one woman’s dream to take care of the underprivileged children.

It was started in 1992, and the main office is in Bangalore.

SATHI (Society for Assistance to Children in Difficult Situation)  is a non-profit organisation. 

SATHI works with children on the railway platforms.

It rescues them from the vagaries of the platform life and provides shelter and care until the time the child is returned home safely. 

To know more, help and support – click here – SATHI 


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  1. Deborah Weber

    It’s a blessing to have resources available for the most vulnerable, and I’m glad SATHI is so committed. I especially appreciate that they do follow-up with the children placed back in their homes of origin, to make sure they are safe.

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  2. Inderpreet Uppal

    Comment on SATHI non-profit organization.
    Homeless kids are vulnerable and exposed to so many evils…it’s scary when you think what they have to put up with.
    Thankfully this organization exists to help these kids.
    By ~ Michelle Wallace.

    Thank you for mailing me this comment. ❤️

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  3. Bellybytes

    I’m glad there is such an organisation helping look after kids. They are the most vulnerable and it is so scary to imagine what can happen to a lost child…..

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  4. Mary J Giese

    Inderpreet, it’s sadly amazing to me that issues like this exist in this modern world, especially with children. I’m glad that India has an organization that helps to find these kids and bring them back to their parents. How many young lives have been saved? Thanks for sharing and taking part in #WATWB.

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