The name says it all! Yes, they are rescued – literally and by love. The title, Rescued By Love is so apt, the characters are so apt, the story is so apt, the conflict, the setting of Ladakh every damn thing about the book begs you to keep reading!

I finished Rescued By Love in a few hours and like many of the books that stay with the reader long after you finish them, it called me back to read a few of the beautiful, expressive and at times lyrical, heart-tugging passages again and again.

When you read the book you will realise that the author has not only made use of words very fluidly but also her sense of humour and sarcasm is impeccable.

I have read Shilpa’s previous book The Girl He Left Behind and I was very eager to read her new book. I was not disappointed; in fact, I was delighted! The descriptions had me cracking up at times and a book that tugs at your heart and makes you laugh is a winner in my opinion.



“Actually, she looked a bit like a mango but he figured that might not be the most politically correct thing to say.” – Rescued By Love

The fact that Naina has such a crappy childhood, I was amazed she was not totally screwed up! The little pixie is the perfect example of ‘good things come in small packages.’ Beautiful, kind, fair, gentle and a great sense of humour she endears herself to everyone from the first page; except the terrorists and her old man! Go figure!!

Arjun is a warrior, a soldier, an officer and a gentleman; all rolled into one. An army officer with a heart of gold and a hunk to boot. Trust me when I say that Shilpa wrote him perfectly as I get to see on a regular basis many such handsome hunks that do our nation proud and I am on a first-name basis with many of them. She totally nailed Arjun and he is a dream come true to end all visions!

Aryan is the younger brother who is so sweet and understanding and he totally deserves a love story of his own. I hope you are planning something Shilpa.

I did not want to put this in my review but I had to say it, so here it is – in spite of very little sex and the steamy titillation many novels are filled with Rescued By Love is so classy and an engaging read. A very balanced novel! I sure as hell did not miss pages upon pages of mindless fondling and careless cavorting !! (It does not mean that the book lacks passion; it had a healthy dose in fact!)

A good book speaks for itself and RESCUED BY LOVE is its own sweet reward. After reading the book I had a very peaceful and comfortable state of mind knowing that I would be growing old reading books filled with love written by Shilpa.



The cherry on the cake is an author-signed copy of Rescued By Love and I know that the world is going to be your oyster! You Rock!! Shilpa Suraj.


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