BREAKING THROUGH BARS by Alisha and Marisa Readus

Breaking Through Bars
Book Synopsis
Identical twins, Alisha and Marisa Readus were living the middle class suburban dream. With hard-working parents and the best of everything, their paths were predestined for greatness. Or so it seemed….

The fast life
Suburban life quickly plunged downhill after their parents’ divorce. Their new urban life took its toll as the twins approached their teenage years, and before their parents knew it, they were hanging with the wrong crowds, doing the wrong things, and recharging their life course. Alisha would be lured into life as a stripper, filled with sex, drugs, and a rotation of bad boys. While Marisa sought sex and money by any means necessary.

What’s done in the dark
It wouldn’t be long before the fast life caught up with the twins. After becoming embroiled in crime, their glamorous world came tumbling down. The identical twins were sentenced to prison – and torn away from their small children.

It didn’t take long for these sisters to want better…and although they were hundreds of miles apart, both of them were determined to break thru the mental and physical bars, reclaim their children, rebuild their lives, and recharge their course.

In a riveting, personal memoir, Alisha and Marisa share their cautionary yet inspirational tale and hopefully inspire others to break thru their own bars.

Getting to Know Alisha and Marisa Readus

Q. What provoked you to write your story?
A. We were sitting down talking one day and realized that we had truly been through hell and back and survived. We wanted to share our stories to encourage other people.

Q. How do you want this to change your readers?
A. We want the book to inspire them to live beyond their mistakes. We want people to forgive themselves for their bad choices. We all have a choice to overcome, but some people are stuck in regret and shame. We want them to break through the bars of those thoughts and fears.

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