6 Reasons I Hate Writing Reviews!

I love reading, books, magazines, papers and of course surfing the net. Even when I am packing my stuff I find the most interesting and intriguing things to read. So it was quite obvious that I would eventually go into doing book reviews.

Since my first book review appeared on this site due to the trust bestowed to me by a beautiful lady Shuchi Singh Kalra; I have been consistently amazed by the love and books offered to me for reviews.

I had not read much Indian fiction and was amazed to find so much variety and excellence by Indian authors. So much so that it now leaves me with little time to read the books that I just want to read. Little did I know I that it would become such an important part of my life and blogging.

Apart from occasional fiction, most of my blog is dedicated to book reviews but sometimes I do just feel that I should stop writing them. Yes, that feeling of being judged, scrutinized and dismissed by fellow bloggers, readers and book lovers does get a bit much at times.

The feeling of being not good enough is something that plagues all humans, it may be for different aspects of their life. It is no different for a blogger; especially one who is open to public scrutiny even though it is a bit of their own choice. No one likes to be judged!

1. Really!! Did she just read that book!! Yep, lots of opinions on what makes good writing and a good book. But just like food, clothes movies, music and much more each have their own likes and dislikes. Don’t like it, don’t read it.

2. Why did she love the book every one hated? Maybe because I like reading mindless stories filled with just sleaze? Maybe because after reading a few heavy or serious book reading an over the top romance with the predictable twist just might relax me? After all reading is for fun before it became a competition.

3. She never read the classics, she knows no better. How is reading difficult, heavy prose and long winding sentences with words that require a dictionary a mark of intelligence. For all of us lesser mortals who did not study Literature reading regular main stream books is a high enough. No aspirations to quote the classics – ever!

4. Language she uses, worse than reading the book. Well at least I am writing and by writing I am making an effort to refine it and hone my skill. All feedback is good feedback I say so keep at it.

5. She is too kind to the authors, good reviews to all. In the first place I think a review is not meant to hurt, pull down, criticize or make fun of an author. It is your views about the book you read and no matter how bad it might be, being kind and courteous is a must. If you do not like the book say it politely and that’s what I do, “Courtesy Costs Nothing”

6. Why does she even write? That is the inner urge we all feel to express our selves. Writing is the most invasive way of showing ourselves to the world. With our blog we not only showcase our words, thoughts but a little bit of ourselves with each post. To claim the need to write and do it fearlessly is what matters.

I am not good enough, wise enough, well read enough to review but I go on and don’t try and prove myself to the skeptics. Reviews come in all shapes and sizes. Long winding, or cryptic. simply worded or flourishing syntax, each to its own. Since the first day I have always believed that these views are my thoughts; what I would share with my friends and acquaintances if they wished to know whether or not to read any book.

My reviews are from me, and are as unique and I do them out of the love of reading and the fact I get to read even more interesting stuff due to it.

So with courage as my compatriot I continue to read, review and love books.

Have you ever faced these thoughts and questions?

Do let me know if I have expressed my thoughts as I see them affecting a lot of readers or is it just my imagination.

Written for the Wordy Wednesday Prompt : 

You will never do anything in this world without courage~ Aristotle.



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