Bistro La Bohème Cookbook Quick and Easy French Recipes by Alix Nichols

Bistro La Bohème Cookbook

The French cuisine is celebrated the world over and this book by Alix reaffirms it. The recipes are easy to make and quite simple. This cookbook, Bistro La Bohème Cookbook has brought the delectable French food to our tables. She is a romance writer with many sweet, wonderful books to her name. This book is an extension of what we read in her stories. Bistro La Bohème Cookbook is based on the bistro in her books for the contemporary romance series La Bohème that is set in a cozy Paris bistro on rue Cadet.

The book has pictures of the dishes as well as detailed instruction on how to cook. Apart from a few Dishes like Ratatouille with baked polenta or Smoked Salmon and Leek Quiche that needed a bit of prep, most are easy to manage. My family cringes every time I try something new especially that involves baking – I suck big time. It hasn’t deterred me from trying again and again. I did good this time 😉

The book is in three sections – Appetizers, Mains and Sides, Desserts. It allows you to plan a complete meal. Chicken and Potato Salad was one dish I enjoyed making and the Baked Cinnamon Apples are just a super fast sweet dish. The salads and appetizers are a big hit with my hubby for their health quotient. Most dishes cook within 15 to 45 minutes so no more slaving over the stove.

Cooking is a pastime and a love for me. Apart from reading and eating (sporadic writing as well), I do love to cook up something different occasionally to surprise my family and myself. It is always a delight to cook something quite far removed from the traditional Indian cuisine. It makes a delightful romantic connection. Food and love – go share some with your loved ones.

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Bistro La Bohème Cookbook: Quick and Easy French Recipes (Bistro La Bohème)


Alix Nichols

My contemporary romance series “Bistro La Bohème” is set in a cozy Paris bistro on rue Cadet. La Bohème is a place where “love is found, hearts are mended, futures set and happiness found,” as one Amazon reviewer put it.

Both the bistro and its talented chef, Claude, are fictional. But they are inspired by several favorite haunts in different parts of Paris.

A bistro (also spelled bistrot) is typically a casual local restaurant where you can expect to be well fed for a reasonable price. Traditional bistro food can be heavy. But these days, more and more bistro chefs offer healthier alternatives to the greasy “steak-frites.”

The recipes I have compiled here belong to this category of “revised and improved” bistro cuisine. To give you healthier and quicker dishes, I have tested, simplified and tweaked classic recipes until my family, friends and I were happy with the results. I hope you will be too.

The popular French bistro recipes revisited in this cookbook include:
– pepper sauce steak
– ratatouille
– Boeuf Bouguignon (Beef Burgundy)
– onion quiche
– warm chicken salad
– baked cinnamon apples
– macaroons










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  2. Rajlakshmi

    I love looking at cookbooks even though I got no talent to bake or prepare all those exotic meals. Glad you were able to prepare something your family too loved

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