Becoming A Freelance Writer.

Freelance writer is a job many aspire for, thinking of the easy hours, comfort of working from home and being your own boss. It’s not always that simple.
Read about my journey as a freelance writer and why anyone of you can achieve success as well.
I am just following my heart……

A second career, a calling long missed but found again. 

A new way to keep my mind soaring and not just sit idle.

Why we all must keep working at what our heart desires. 

Idle is empty!!

Why I became a freelance writer?

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“Writing was always at the back of my mind as it was an integral part of my previous work too as a Lecturer in Human Resources Management; after a lot of internal debate and pondering, I decided to go the writer way. I figured that I may not be able to write something too complicated but my ‘Masters’ will surely let me string some good stories and thoughts and perhaps some technical articles in my area of specialization.I started slow as I still had dozens of doubts regarding the ‘neglect’ my kid would be facing if I plonked myself in front of the laptop at all odd hours but I soon got over those fears as I realized that my boredom was making me an unproductive and a short-tempered mother too.”

Another post on my thoughts…..

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