My Grey Fountain of Wisdom!

Me 2017
Update: The photo featured above is a recent one taken in October 2017. An update to this post when I first wrote about my thoughts and reasons to go grey and not colour my hair in 2014. The hair now is a bit more grey and a bit shorter.
On Women’s Day, I write about what we are always so conscious of. Our looks, spending hours grooming and preening our selves. Looking in the mirror and appreciating our efforts and waiting for compliments.
Now as I slowly move towards the forty year mark a lot of things are changing.
How I see myself and how I have become more content with my image, body and the obvious and not so obvious changes that are taking place. How I am more accepting of the flaws or imperfections as I see them.
But I do not see a similar acceptance from most ladies; both younger and older than me. The one thing they just refuse to agree with and tell me that I am too young to ‘give up’!

My Grey Hair

What I ask am I ‘giving up’?

The reason say many, no most of them say is that I am giving up is due to my “Grey Fountain.” I have been more outgoing, friendly, go-getter and generally an achiever much more now than in my youth. 

The one thing that has heads turning and women and men alike are my long, rebounded perfectly straight hair.
The questions that follow are about the visible strands of grey hair in my long hip-length hair.
I leave my hair open quite often and I have had even strangers’ comment or tell me that I should colour it or that I need to make time to get my “colour touch-up”.
Perfectly unknown strangers, helpful assistants, extremely distant and not so distant relatives, well-meaning wives of colleagues and some of my close friends, all have advised me to give up on the crazy idea to not colour my grey hair and get back to normal.
Some of my favourite ones are……..
Why would you want to look old?
It is just colour and not chemical dye!
It is so easy and simple to do!
You can choose a different shade every time you colour.
Just let the beautician take care of it while you get a pedicure… easy and you are multi-tasking.
And the best one is – Are you trying to get rid of your husband?
No, my dear well-wishers, I am not trying to get rid of my husband 😉 and I am not going crazy!
It is a decision I do not even remember taking and yes my family and those who matter are fine by it. (Hubby too)
Hair with grey streaks
Is grey hair really so bad?
Is it worse than the wrinkles?
Is it worse than the hanging folds and shaking bones that come with ageing like grey hair?
Is showing your age really so bad?
I come across ladies and gentlemen as old as 80 and having a perfect head of jet black hair.
It is really possible that age forgot your head but got your brains?
You cannot walk straight but got the hair of a 20-year-old?
Your hearing and sight are going to the dogs but your hair is all silky and shiny?
Of course, I am perfectly fine with people who colour and I do not go around telling people that they should stop colouring their hair. I am fine with whatever personal choice they make, it is theirs to make.
All I request my well-wishers are to rest their case and let me enjoy the visible grey in my hair ………
My fountain of wisdom……..
“Doop Mein Baal Safed Nahin Kiye Maine.” (I did not grey my hair in the sun.)
Do you have any such choice that makes your near and dear ones question your decision?


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  2. Lynda Dietz

    I started going gray in my 20s and never really thought anything about it. I howled with laughter when I read “Is it really possible that age forgot your head but got your brains?” I ended up reading the entire post aloud to my husband, who also laughed. He has been gray since I met him (when he was in his late 20s). He was the one who convinced me to not bother coloring my hair, saying he liked hair that was always changing and therefore not boring. At 52 now, I’m completely gray and regularly get compliments on my hair. I’ve looked more or less the same for years, while many of my peers who have dyed their hair look like they’re trying to avoid aging at all costs.

    Enjoy your gray! It’s just as beautiful as the rest of the colors!

    1. Post

      Your words are so beautiful Lynda. I am glad I made you guys laugh. You and your husband must make a handsome couple and I appreciate your heartfelt thoughts on my post. So glad it resonates with you. Thank you!

  3. Parul Thakur

    I apply henna and that means I color my hair but I wouldn’t question someone (like you) if they don’t want to.. It’s a personal choice and should be left up to the person. Who are we to suggest or give ideas? I have a few friends who have stopped coloring which is fine.
    Something that I get umpteen questions are is the topic of kids 🙂 Well, what can I say? People feel it’s a mandate for married couples.

    1. Post

      Yes, I agree. Parul, It is a personal choice just that mine is an unpopular one 😉 I don’t go asking people, why are you coloring your hair? It is fun also sometimes when I see the looks they give me 🙂
      Kids!! That is another post in itself, I think people are nosiest about kids, again something that is an individual’s choice but do they listen? Never. I feel you! I had a kid at 32 and everyone around me was desperate. If they could they would have had a kid for me but it is not funny. Stay strong and ignore them 🙂 Hugs.

  4. Shilpa Garg

    Aha! We are on the same page on this one. I love the beginnings of grey in my hair and cant wait to have that salt and pepper look. I get suggestions from everyone around me to color my hair but I am turning a deaf ear to it completely!!

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