A to Z Blog Hop and Computers!

Computers have a special way of their own, they know that some how the sum total of what a man has made in to a Computer with its Internet has some how become superior to a simple human being.
I am a rather technologically average lady who believes in learning rather than giving up on the science that is shaping our present and future.
Still it is days like today, the days when all efforts yield only failure and confusion and make me pull my hair – literally!!

Simple things , these linky’s that all of us would like to have on our posts and sidebars but NO WAY does the computer and its lord the Internet make it easy for us.

Tried and tried again, as I was being assured time and again on various pages and posts that it is fairly straight forward.
I got it right once but on  the wrong page, was thoroughly frustrated and decided to vent right here on this page.
By now the little “blugs”, that’s right I call them “BLUGS”  because I feel they are neither bugs nor plugs were doing their work perfectly.
Making sure I got sucked into jumping from pages to pages on my computer but not to the one which would link me to the Blog Hop.
Neither helpful nor interfering, just not revealing to me in simple language what the hell am I doing wrong – Superior bloody nano things!!

I had started to think that I may be Illiterate – in HTML or something…… I had tried every thing to get the ‘linky’ on my posts and blog but NADA…..

Trying again one last time, hoping this bears some result….

Finally some success, still got to get the sidebar linky :/ though.

PS: Had to do this a few more times to finally get it right but got it on the other post as well as this one now……Phew!!

Yeah ! I know, I know, I suck:(

Will fix that post too.

Are any of you facing similar attacks from the Blugs on your computer??



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