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AGAINST ALL RULES is an interesting, off-beat and very generation Y book by Summerita. She has a very fresh take on the work environment we have today and how with the busy schedules and hectic deadlines love finds a way. I am very excited to share with you the lovely, talented and very savvy Summerita Rhayne. She is like Summer, as is her writing, fresh, bright, young and making me read the book again! Like never wanting the summer to end!! Stay tuned for my review for Against All Rules but I will suggest you guys get a copy even before I review it.

It is a pleasure to talk to Summerita and learn about her writing techniques and publishing experiences. She also has a pleasant surprise for a lucky reader.

Hi, Summerita. Welcome to Eloquent Articulation. I am so glad you could join me here.

What has been your motivation for writing this book Against All Rules and self-publishing it?
Hi Indy – may I call you Indy? Sounds cool J Many thanks for the interview! The reason Against All Rules happened was because of a persistent Muse. The idea for the book came to me quite a few years back when I first toyed with the notion of writing but it stuck around till I wrote this book in 2011. However I couldn’t finish because my left brain kept pointing out why this or that wouldn’t work in the story. In between I worked on other projects and got two books traditionally published. After a lot of nitpicking finally this book took form in August of this year.

The cover is worth a thousand words, how much of the cover did you choose or was it designed by someone else?
I did the cover myself. Designing it was something new to learn and I had a lot of fun doing it. I wanted the cover to depict the compulsive factor in their attraction for each other as well as the urban setting. I think I got that. The expression of the hero in the picture seems to really underline that against-his-will aspect. I would love to know what you and the readers of this post think of the cover. Do leave your views in the comments, folks.

What do you like to do when you’re not writing?
It’s not a question of like but rather of have to do because I would rather devote major part of my day writing J When I’m not typing away or racking my brain over the story ideas, I’m at my job. I love my work too. The rest of the time I spend with my family, doing mundane things like cooking together, going to the movies and watching reality shows.
Other than that, these days being a writer means social networking should be on your calendar too, so have to make time for that.

If you could cast your characters in the Bollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?
I think Siddharth Malhotra for Tahir and Parineeti Chopra for Samara would work very well J Would love to see Siddharth as a tycoon, wouldn’t you? 😉
How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names Tahir and Samara based on liking the way they sound or the meaning of the name? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?
Names are quite important to me as they should suit the character in the story. However, I go by the sound rather than the meaning. I like uncommon and chic sounding names. Mostly they pop into my mind as I write. Sometimes I have to research for them and then I tromp the name sites on the Internet. You just have to Google boys’ names and girls’ names and something like a hundred sites pop up. For me, a name has to fit the pertinent facts about the character. For example in my next book the hero is a king in ancient India so he has to be named accordingly. Guess what that is!
Folks, you can win an e-copy of Against All Rules for the effort. Yes, really J ‘Guess the name and win the Book’ is a contest going on at my site. The answer is in one of my posts on my blog where this giveaway is running right now. 
Click www.summeritarhayne.comto check it out.
What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing Against All Rules to life?
This book has quite a long history, so the list of challenges is also long! The research was quite extensive mostly because I changed the career of the hero three times.  Starting out, he was a soccer player turned business tycoon. Then, either I wrote a whole new story or revamped it – still haven’t decided which. Anyway, he became the chairman and founder of a surgical instruments firm which later changed to a company involved in research and development of Biotech products. I still have no idea why but it just seemed to fit the story.
I also took the plunge into the world of self publishing with this book, so naturally that involved quite a few upheavals. The whole round of editing, revising and generally getting the book ready with all the responsibility of the outcome depending on you, is quite a grueling task.

 What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

My writing is completely unplanned. I’d earmark one project but somehow my brain will wake up to another idea and I’m off working on that. My schedule often gets thrown to the winds because of this tendency. However, I believe in my Muse so usually follow it. If you’re not intensely involved in what you’re writing, no one else will be. So, following that I mostly carry current projects files on my device so I’m able to type on the go! J
       Thanks again Indy. It was lovely visiting you.

Thank you Summerita, I agree that Siddarth would be a good choice but I find Ranbir Kapoor just too drool worthy! Parineeti would make a perfect pair with him.

Please keep following your muse so we keep getting such lovely books to read. Hope to see you here again with your next book. It has been a pleasure.


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