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Devika Fernando is a world citizen and her books transport you to different worlds too; some real, some surreal. She is a young author who dabbles in a lot of different genres of romance and writing. I have read all three of her books and find them doing justice to the theme and tone of the novel. 

That she is a self published author and designs the book covers as well speaks volumes for the hard work and effort she puts in her writing. She also works for a living apart from writing for the love of writing. I was enamoured with her writing and talent right when I read “When I See Your Face”, such a sensitive yet strong  handling of a sensitive subject.

Her blog is equally prolific where she shares snippets, teasers and information about her novels and fellow writers as well. Her sensitive, strong and diverse writing belies her age and makes you fall in love with the characters and her writing and her too! 

She has recently published her Novel “Kaleidoscope of Hopes” and the novel tugs at your heart at all the right places. To know more you will have to wait for my review of the book 😉  but right now I have the pleasure of introducing Author Devika Fernando and the honor of her answering all my queries about how she writes such emotional yet enticing tales for her readers.

1.   What has been your motivation for writing this book “Kaleidoscope of Hopes” and ‘self-publishing’ it?

This is my third romance novel and self-published book. This time, I wanted to write a story with more than one conflict, and with people who come with “baggage” (things from the past that might drag them down, and that define them). So this story revolves around a heroine who has gone from rich to poor, and a hero that is a widower with a small child.

2.   The cover is worth a thousand words, how much of the cover did you choose or was it designed by someone else?

I design and do my own covers. While I chose only one picture for the previous two covers, I wanted this one to show more than the couple because there are many important aspects to the story. If you read the book, you’ll understand why I included a manor house and a white rose.

3.   Give us three “Good to Know” facts about you. Be creative.

      I hate phone calls (and I’m not much for conversations either).
      If you want a favour from me, bring me pizza (just kidding) 😉
      I can speak 8 languages, more or less.

4.   What do you like to do when you’re not writing?

Reading. Surfing the net to connect with all my friends. Reading. Oh, and did I mention reading?

5.   If you could cast your characters in the Bollywood/Movie/Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

Oh, that’s one is tough… I found the character choice easy with my 2ndbook “Playing with Fire”, but I’m not sure about the new release. I think Bradley Cooper or Ben Affleck would be a great choice for Lucas. I can picture Ashley Greene or Olivia Wilde in the role of Nadia.

6.   How important are names to you in your books? Do you choose the names Nadia and Lucas based on liking the way they sound or the meaning of the name? Do you have any name choosing resources you recommend?

I do pay a lot of attention to the names I choose. I wanted a name for the heroine that meant “hope”, and I fell in love with Nadia. I settled on the surname “Wright” because she always thinks she’s wrong. 😉 As for the hero’s name, I wanted something that sounded somehow noble and rich and would match the looks I had in mind. So I chose Lucas Everett.
Generally, I rely on baby name websites that show the meanings for names.

7.   What were the challenges (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing the book “Kaleidoscope of Hopes” to life?

Researching for this book was fun. I read about advertising agencies (as that is where Nadia works), and I looked at dozens of advertisements and pictures of manor houses and mansions as inspiration for White Rose Manor. There was hardly any other research involved. I mention “Jane Eyre” in the book, but as I have read and loved it, I didn’t need to research the story. I used my 7-year-old niece’s behaviour to try and make Melody (the child) authentic.

8.   What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

 I can’t write if there isn’t a glass of water close by from which I can drink      

 9.   What should your readers look forward to in the New Year 2015 from you after this book “Kaleidoscope of Hopes”?

Before the end of 2014, “Forbidden” will be released. It’s a romantic suspense book I co-authored with bestselling author Mike Wells.

For 2015 I’m planning to release the contemporary romance novel “Saved in Sri Lanka”, although there’s no date scheduled yet. And I want to release “In Deep Water”, Book 2 of the 4 Elements of Love series.

Book 1 of 4 Elements of Love

Thank you Devika for answering my queries and I wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors. Wishing you many more best sellers. 

Keep Writing.

Would you like to read one or all of Devika’s Books? They are available at Amazon & Smashwords. Just a click away.

 When I See Your Face



Playing with Fire



Kaleidoscope of Hopes



Which book out of the three is your favorite? I have a tough time choosing, what about you? But then I am a FAN!!



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