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As a mother to a 7-year-old, I feel the need for us mothers to ensure that our children are using the right apps on their devices. We can restrict access but not stop it, in fact, we need to give access and approval to the apps, which will benefit our child. I have always tried to work with the technology and my child’s love for the smartphone. What I prefer to do is find the ‘right apps’ for them to access. Not everything can be about learning, in this age of YouTube and unlimited options of free games, we mothers need to find the right mix.

 AppyStore  AppyStore


AppyStore is an app that has the right blend of learning and fun. I learnt of this app when a friend recommended it. I signed up and they immediately took the details for my child to personalise it according to his age. The app is free for first 15 days of usage and grants access to all content and videos for learning once you sign up. They also have worksheets that support the content of the app with and sent across the sheets for the first month of the twelve-month subscription for age groups 2 till 8 years. They cover five main areas for a child’s development –

  • Number & Logic.
  • Listen, Read & Write.
  • Arts & Craft.
  • Nature & Science.
  • Social Skills – Moods & Emotions.


These sheets covered all the important subjects a child his age should learn in a fun format. These colourful sheets are made on very good quality paper with excellent colour printing. These thick sheets ensure a child writes smoothly on them and my son has been using the reverse blank side for colouring. The sheets are individually sorted and can be used in any order or topic wise.  I found these sheets very relevant and helped my kid for his revision on schoolwork. The vibrant, easy to use sheets made it a breezy revision.



Why did I like in this App?

  • The AppyStore App is a child safe verified app. It ensures age appropriate content for the child.
  • The Development milestones for the curriculum have been made by an in-house designer with the right qualifications and experience for over twelve years.
  • The app has a panel of experts, psychologists who are available for guidance and counselling.
  • The AppyStore also has access to “Ask me sessions” where all doubts and queries regarding the child can be addressed.
  • The app uses all mediums for reaching the milestones for each child, and audio-visual, written and video makes for better retention.
  • Gives memory retention for 21st-century kids who are geared to learn from smartphones and tabs as a routine method of learning.
  • This app fulfils the needs to address the type of content kids watch and had a balanced approach.
  • App now has an Audio Feature for kids below 2 years, so that they can just listen to the videos apart from watching them.
  • Different types of learning on all aspects including colours, festivals, social skills etc
  • Holistic learning for kids with the large variety of videos for kids.
  • Support school studies as it teaches the same concepts and ideas used in the school.

We cannot turn away from technology nor can we stop our children from using it. They enjoy learning from these interactive sources and by choosing the right apps, we can balance the attraction towards digital media. AppyStore makes learning fun and shares the concerns a parent has for their child’s education. I recommend this as a safe app for children and parents.




Download link from Play Store – Click here for the link  

2-month product – Unlimited access to AppyStore and 50 FREE worksheets at 650 rupees only with this link


(These are my unbiased view of the app as used by my 7year old and me. I received the worksheets free from AppyStore.)


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