An Apology & A Wish

The New Year has arrived and I start it with an apology even as I already feel myself getting familiar with the year ahead. I had big plans for 2017 since the New Year always gets me in a good mood. Sadly the plans went bust with the blog as I tried to tinker around and managed to delete it not once but twice. On top of it all, I managed to send out an empty subscription mail. Yes, that happened, in spite of the preview mode option in Mail Chimp. I guess they don’t have special instructions for morons – who can see in the preview “No RSS Feed” and still send out a mail thinking it will appear magically.



empty feed image



♥ Thankfully I searched ‘help’ and it was mighty helpful and all that is sorted. My apologies for the error. I got a few people who did unsubscribe but it is ok.  You win some, you lose some.

♥ Another apology to all the authors, whose reviews, interviews and book posts are still to be posted and were delayed due to the inactive website. There is a flurry of activity now and I am gonna get to each and every book that I have picked to read and keep reading.

♥ New beginnings, new adventures and lots of time in the year ahead so I am embracing 2017. I had plans for a post about the books and what is happening with them but this is equally good. My website had been floundering for the past few weeks as I struggled to make sense of the technical jargon needed to simplify it. Finally, it has all worked out and I am slowly getting my writing groove back. Yes, I have a couple of half-written posts which is quite a feat considering I had not written a word in over two months.

♥Yes, half-written thoughts and reviews add a lot to my confidence. I am going to be posting all possible #reviews in the coming weeks. I will also be interviewing authors about how they hone their craft and if you would like to be featured just drop me a line. I would be happy to welcome you on Eloquent Articulation. It also marks the start of a three-part in-depth #interview with the critically acclaimed Hindi author Simmi Harshita. Please do go give her page a like!


Simmi Harshita
Simmi Harshita

♥ In the New Year, I have a lot of ‘place reviews’ planned as well since I have been and shall be #traveling quite a bit. Nothing like sharing the local flavors and personal experiences to define a place and explore. On the list are Leh and adjoining areas till civilization, Indore, a tiny bit of Goa, a couple of joints in Gurgaon, a bit of Ahmedabad and the lovely Lansdowne. Adding to all these places will be a bit of the army charm and how it defines travel for us. Yes, all this travel can only mean it will be time to move home soon. Luckily for me, my work and love shall be right by my side.

♥ Of course, #Books will still be a big part of the blog but with #Editing taking up a large chunk of my time. It is a win-win for me since I get to combine my love of reading with my penchant for nitpicking – a perfect editor! 😀 😉

♥ Let me know if you wish to read a book edited/proofread by me and I shall share the links. Or if you have a book in the pipeline you wish for me to edit.

♥ So a lot on my plate but that’s why I got myself a planner.  TIP – plenty of free downloads for planners online. Just Google ‘blog planner’ and download, print, and bind. And if you are the creative, arty types then you can make a #BulletJournal ( Thanks, BAR Mates) and make it as detailed or simple as you wish! Or if you are really lazy then just use any copy or notebook and just start jotting with the date each day when you find time. It will all soon come together.


A lot going on but that is the charm of a New Year and new beginnings!

A very Happy New Year to you all!

♥ Stay in touch, lots of fun, love filled stuff ahead. ♥


 ©Inderpreet Kaur Uppal


  1. Eli

    Oh, dear Inderpreet – no apologies – just happy to read your posts again – enjoying them as always and they are a good reminder of Life and what is important – all the best for you for 2017 my friend:-)

    1. Post
  2. Obsessivemom

    The new year makes me feel exactly like this – full of optimism and possibilities and plans. Good luck with yours. Looking forward to reading about lots of books and authors.

  3. Rajlakshmi

    Wow a lot has been going on your side. Sorting out blog related technicalities is always a headache. I wish you all the best for all the plans you got in pipeline. Would love to read about your travel experiences. Happy New Year 🙂

  4. Shailaja Vishwanath

    All the best for the year ahead! Sounds like a feast on a plate, the blog plans. I’m sorry about the blog being deleted! I completely empathise on that feeling of loss. Sigh. Travel sounds like a lot of fun and so does the journal idea. Wishing you luck and love.

  5. Ruchira Khanna

    Glad your blog is up and running…your notifications via email working fine too.

    Liked that author page 🙂

    Also travel and breathe in different airs of those cities. Do say a hello to Ahmd when you visit though…it is ‘apnu amdavad’ (my home town)

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