An Amazing Blogger Who Has Inspired Me

As I sat to think and write about An Amazing Blogger Who Inspired Me, I was struck by the number of women who have inspired and motivated me to write and become a better blogger.

You ask why? Well, the number of women bloggers doing great work and those who have made a full time career out of it are mind-boggling!

I have gone through the words and works of so many women, young and old, married and unmarried, mother or not, writer or not writing from her heart or writing for the money.

The list is virtually endless with some of them being mini- celebrities in the literary circles.

So many mothers and freelancers who are making progress and achieving goals with or without family support.

When I had started my journey as a Blogger; it had all been about me.
How I wanted to express myself.How it is an avenue for my mind and the urge to do something.

As I entered this creative world and began to explore, the mind realized the immense talent that is available on the blog-sphere!

I began to falter and fumble, to hesitate and second – guess my actions.

I lost my passion and even though I was still blogging and writing; I felt as if I was not doing my best.

If their is such a vast ocean of talent then what do I have to offer to this world?

Do I even have anything relevant and new to share?

My self doubts and dilemmas buried me under leaving a trail of emptiness in its wake.

For me the act of writing is not just a few words on a sheet, it is an expression straight from my heart.

When the mind falters the heart suffers.

A blogging challenge that I joined changed all my self doubts into blooming ideas and thoughts clamoring to get on paper.

I was reading posts and commenting till I came across “Rendezvous With Life” by Sitara Nair.

As I read the lines ” And certainly I would like to mention here a few blogs which I have gone through and given me the stimulus to be a part of the blogging community.” and went on to read the names of the blogs mentioned I was shocked and humbled to see my name mentioned there.
In that instance I realized why I must write and share and express myself without thinking who am I writing for?

What should I write about?

Why must I write?

I write for myself and for all the ladies out there like myself.

The simple words that Sitara wrote touched my heart and have Inspired me to be a better writer and a better blogger because we never know whose life will our words change!

Who all new friends we shall make !

Where will our journey take us!

Thank you, SITARA NAIR, for you are an Amazing Blogger Who Has Inspired Me!


  1. Beloo Mehra

    Keep writing, keep inspiring 🙂 I think we all go through these moments of doubt and double-guessing ourselves. In a way it also keeps us grounded and realistic. But as you say, we never know who might be touched by some of our words. Perhaps it is we ourselves in those moments when we take a look back at what we experienced or observed. Nice post, Inderpreet!

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