#ALeapIntoTheDark by Chandan K Pathak.

A Leap Into The Dark

A Leap into the Dark is a love story at heart but one that deals with the serious topic of woman abuse and rape. A woman’s struggle for survival, her never die spirit and the society that looks the other side. Sati, a young, beautiful but a very poor girl, crushed by poverty, circumstances and men who prey on women in need. Her beauty is a bane for her, hindering her life and love at every step of the way.

A Leap into the Dark is just what the title says. Sati takes a leap of faith and does she manage to survive? Love makes us do the impossible but sometimes love alone is not enough. Sati, a simple, sweet and intelligent girl manages to hold her own but when she refuses advances of the goons around her they set her up to fall. She is in love and that is her folly according to our society. Sanjay is a quiet, hardworking boy from her neighbourhood who loves her. Together they hope for a better life but fate and their society have other plans.

Evil, lecherous men twice her age who ogle her or tease her are not at fault but her love is at fault or that is what the society wants us to believe. Duping parents, families and the helpless victim with stories of a better life, a better future only to fall when there is no respite in sight. Fatnani, a rich, middle-aged guy has an eye on Sati and helps her parents release her from prison but not her boyfriend. It is his scheming that causes all the distress Sati’s life, love and family.

Sati is a strong, woman and once she reconciles to her fate she not only survives but manages to find herself in life. Scores of women are just left as a statistic. We have hundreds of Sati’s in our society who face such adversities and this book is a reflection of them. #ALeapIntoTheDark is an expression of our society and the sad state of the girl/woman in the country.

I had the opportunity to work with the author, Chandan and I was impressed with his clarity of thought and empathy about the trials faced by women. Well worded, impactful language makes this book a good read. It was a great working experience and I enjoyed editing his book. I wish him much success and many more books to his repertoire.

The book highlights the strength of a woman and what a good support system can do for one. A tale of hope and redemption, Sati shines despite her defeats. Love, above all else, is a power that strengthens even the weakest. Read the book to find how Sati and Sanjay finally come together or not. Evil is always around us but sometimes faith makes everything all right as help comes from unexpected quarters.

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A Leap Into The Dark


Alluring, vivacious and innocent! She is Sati, a Banjara teenage girl from a poor family. Her breathtaking beauty becomes her curse as a myriad of pleasure seekers chase her, making her life miserable. Meanwhile, she falls in love with Sanjay, a good-natured guy and their romance takes wing.
A tragic turn of events lands Sanjay in the police lockup. Fatnani an old, lascivious rich man seizes the opportunity to trap Sati. He bargains for a deal to secure Sanjay’s release in exchange for her youthful body. Hit by a bolt from the blue & trapped in a serious crisis, a shell-shocked Sati struggles frantically to wriggle out of the situation.
Does she decide to sacrifice her chastity to save her beloved? What lies in store for Sati? Where has Sanjay suddenly disappeared? Does their beautiful love story perish before blooming?
A Leap into the Dark is a gripping, heart-rending, emotion-filled story of love, sacrifice and the lurking evils of our society.

About the Author

Chandan Kumar Pathak

Chandan was born and raised in scenic Assam in North East India and he lives with his small family in Mumbai. He is a wanderlust, avid photographer and a philanthropist. He is fascinated by the majestic and the mystical Himalayas and is rooted to his motherland – enchanted by her amazing heritage, culture and diversity.

He works in the oil & gas exploration industry and writing is his hobby. Chandan has authored three books so far – Footprints (short stories), The Beckoning of Gyanganj (a spiritual thriller) and very recently released A Leap into the Dark (a romance fiction). In addition, Chandan has also experimented with a single short-story eBook 72-hour Ordeal (travel memoir).

Chandan regularly writes in his blog https://chandanpathak.blogspot.in/ which is primarily a collection of life-changing incidents, thought-provoking articles, tips for career success – all wrapped with lucid narratives.

Chandan desires to experiment with various genre and believes in conveying positive messages through his work.

You can follow Chandan :

Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/chandan.k.pathak.7

Blog: https://chandanpathak.blogspot.in/

Instagram: chandan_2015

Twitter: @Ckp1602


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  2. Heidi Love

    This is a critically important topic and an especially relevant one in light of the #MeToo posts and the illumination of how widespread an issue this is. I too just did a post on a memoir of a women that transcended her rape to become a healer. We must do what we can to stop the violence. Thank you for sharing, Inderpreet, and thank you for your message of hope Chandan. I will follow you.

  3. Dr Roshan Radhakrishnan

    This does deal with a very serious topic. I am glad more authors are taking up difficult topics… literature should not just be candy floss college romances… it should challenge us and make us introspect

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