8 Things To Remember While Making A List

I love lists, make them often too but then the lists always get the better of me as I end up in more trouble than I was before I made the list.

Why you ask?      

Here is a list of why lists get me into knots and twists.

Lists can be the most helpful thing in keeping us organised if we do them the right way.

Let us read a few of the pitfalls of not making and using lists the in the correct way.      

8 Things to remember while making a list  

1.    Make a proper list. Not just a vague jotting of items but a proper numbered one that is easily read. Many times we write on slips of paper, even the mirror or the back of an old bill but it is better to use a fixed set of papers. Recycling old papers and stapling them together is a great way to save paper and be more organised. Go green!  

2.    Add items to the list as you remember. Do not just make a list and forget it but remember to edit and update it from time to time so it reflects how you are progressing with your work.  

3.    Make one list for one ‘to-do’. Do not enter the same or similar items in different lists. It is confusing and you are wasting your time and effort trying to sync your lists and maintaining the schedule.      

4.    Keep the list in the right place to easily jot down items. You must have easy access to the list like your phone or a white board in the kitchen or study so you can jot down as you remember. Nothing worse than forgetting the point by the time you get to the note pad.  

5.    Remember to take it along for the shopping.  It is an obvious one but yes it has happened to many of us that we forget to take the list along; in the days of smart phones it is easy as we do always take our phones along. The list can be forgotten when in hurry we sometimes forget our phone at home too. (Happened to me, many times!)  

6.    Remember to keep it in the purse you are taking along for shopping. Another easy way to stay on top of lists is to keep the list with the specific bag or file or purse. Shopping list in the shopping bag; helps you take the bags along for the shopping saving on the money for plastic bags and Mother Nature is happy too.

Work lists can be in your office folder or on your desk. So a specific place for a specific list.  As my mother always says, “Everything in its place and a place for everything.”      

7.     Shop according to list and follow the sequence. A list is most useful when it helps you get things done in the right order. Life is so much easier if the list follows your itinerary for the day.  

8.    Remember to sync your lists across various devices.  At the end of the day or work week do check the lists for things done during that time. Our technology driven world ensures that we have more than one gadget so as we progress through the list, remember to update and sync it with your home or office computer and other devices if any.    

Lists are good for us in all aspects of our life and even though I waylay mine more often than not; I cannot seem to function without them. I have a table calendar and list copy as well as a phone reminder. I also have two white boards; one in my kitchen and one in the study to make lists!

Talk about list mania!! 🙂          

I had a great time making this list hope you had a good time reading it too.

My favorite point for keeping on top of my lists is, “Remember that the phone has the master list to edit and update and not a scrap of paper crushed in my jeans pocket.”  

Do tell me how your lists help you?

How often do you make lists?

Do you even like lists?    

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Edited on 26/08/2020