Are You A Social Media Addict?

The most obvious answer would be YES if you are online 24/7 then most definitely you must be addicted! But in the time of ‘auto-sync’ and smart devices and real time updates who is not. 

It more than just being connected all the time, it is following the world through the internet. Is your life, time and days limited to your screen and smart phones?

Missing the real world go by, glued to the screen even when you have real people around? Are you even checking your appearance on the blank screen of your phone, often using it like a mirror? 

Do you need to set the ring tones of your devices to a very small beep or sound so it does not keep singing nonstop!

  • TV & NEWS  

Watching your favourite programs on YouTube, catching your news from the many news apps on the phone and internet and of course the hugely popular online shopping, so much so that you feel lost in a physical store or a local ration shop!


Replying to mails as if they are an instant messenger and bombarding people with tiny messages if the messenger does not a reply with a few seconds for your sent message.

Are you sending similes and thumbs up to punctuate all and any conversations especially ending them with the Like sign for all your mails?

Subscribing to blogs via email, RSS feed and blog apps too! Talk about information overload.


Do you like each and every post that shows in your stream so you don’t miss anything from your contacts?

Is being the first one to like and comment on all updates from friends and their friends and their acquaintances a moment of pride for you?

Do you hijack conversations and posts adding your own stories and irrelevant points to the conversation?


Compulsive RT on twitter and favouring every tweet by all your contacts, even the thank you ones! 

Are you tweeting about your coffee break, lunch break, break up, break down and even your loo break?

The more appealing and visually attractive PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM your best buddies?

You know how to take a selfie, a group selfie and pretty much any kind of selfie! Your friends can easily tell your life stories through your pictures through the years, weeks and days, even minutes!

Listening to music, playing games; Candy Crush, angry birds and what not! Even tiny tots addicted to their apps.

The list of things to do online is virtually endless, I have not even made a decent dent on the mind boggling options but that’s the point, do not let it overtake your life!
If you have answered to even half of these with a yes then you need to unplug, switch off and shut down your devices right now.


Get out, go for a walk, catch up with real ‘alive’ and not ‘live’ friends, and revel in Mother Nature and all things natural.

Unwind and relax, recharge your mind, nourish your soul and get back to blogging. Yes, all these distractions keep you from your favourite activity – blogging and getting creative ideas for your blog posts because you feel you have read it all online!

Get out and see the world with fresh eyes and have a new take on love and life.

How I know all this? 

Well, why do you think my posts are the last ones just before the linky closes??

This post is day 2 of  
7 Days to Rediscovering Your Blogging Groove
Images by Pixabay & Google.

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