10 Lockdown Luxuries #Pandemic

Nothing has been easy during this pandemic and the ensuing lockdown but here are my ten favourite things that made this transition during the lockdown a tiny bit smoother for me.

You must let me know if you think they can help you too, I hope these do. The links are affiliate from my

Now that the restrictions are lifting but still lifestyle changes will continue so now is a pretty good time to learn and adapt.

Even though I feel more like a maid and butler rolled into one more than a writer and editor, this post was itching to flow from my mind.

All the mundane things I talk here are related to home and hearth and as yet I am still unable to prioritize my writing.

Defiant Desires, the story of Diya and her present is still waiting but I have done about 40%.

A bunch of things that have helped me stay sane and keep me going.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links that support the blog at no extra cost to you.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.
In case you click on any of the links and make a purchase, I get a commission at no extra cost to you to help offset the cost to keep this website going.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

  • Google Docs
  • Knives
  • Mini Chopper
  • Cobweb Broom
  • Mensural Cup
  • Scrub Gloves
  • Kindle
  • Crocs

So I was up, late at night writing this post on my phone, on my Google docs. Another big blessing is that it syncs with my drive on the laptop and I finished editing it on my laptop.

There are days when I don’t get time to even open my laptop so the phone is trying to double up.

This is when in spite of the Samsung M31 update crash, where my phone got bricked I am managing on my old Mi1A2 phone.

Chinese or not, Xiaomi hasn’t died on me as Samsung did!

No redressal, no solution from Samsung except that take it to the service centre when we open up and it’s been more than four months!

I had never thought I would be counting down simple, everyday items that I always took for granted too mean so much. I am aware that it is affecting each one of us differently but these are the things that are helping me cope.

By sharing these I am trying to thank those who have made the products and I hope that anyone who reads this can benefit from it and manage their life better and increase their productivity.

In these difficult and different times of corona when each task is upon me you do, gadgets make a lot of difference.

Finally, with the unlock phase the phone was fixed at the service centre within 2 minutes and I lost no data!

Happy to say it was actually a glitch.

Got my Xiaomi in April last year and it works like butter, it kept me going when the M31 crashed.


Cooking and chopping, prep for food became a priority overnight with the lockdown. Chopping wasn’t something I did regularly since I always had help for it.

Finding a good knife and that too in my kitchen was a blessing indeed. To top it off, I had two of them.

Now I realise that I do like to buy good gadgets, utensils, and accessories for my kitchen.

The serrated edge knife by Crystal is more than 15 years old. This one by Victorinox that was a gift almost a decade ago.

Both these help me chop and cut everything I need to cook all the demands by the boys.
For someone who always had help with chores, the knives ensure I manage pretty well.

This small hand chopper a friend insisted I would love is the best kitchen aid in these testing times.

Have already made fried rice twice since it’s a breeze cutting vegetables in this one.


Never in my wildest dreams or most creepy nightmares did I think I would need to sweep and mop but here I am five months later and still doing it.

Just before the lockdown I had aggravated my back and am still suffering from chronic pain. This long handle broom for removing cobwebs is what I now use for sweeping since I don’t have to bend much.

It is a total jugaad since I couldn’t go and buy anything fancy during the lockdown and it has served me well these past months. And my back is still bad but I am used to the work now.

This spin mop I bought since my maid insisted. It’s now my favourite cleaning instrument 😃 It saves me a lot of back-breaking mopping and it’s fast! Even during the lockdown and now in the unlock phase.

Choices are unlimited on Amazon.


One thing we women can’t get away from is shopping. Something or the other needs to be bought. I am not in a city where its easy to order and neither do I get all the things I wish to buy. Luckily, I had one good thing going for me.

Lockdown ensured long queues and rationing for things. I am thankful for the mensural cup that I had shifted to a year ago. No more hoarding of napkins. No wondering how to dispose of the used pads. Just empty, rinse, and wear.

It has been doing a fab job. Any specific recommendations are most welcome. I use this one.


With a hubby who is working full time even during the lockdown, all the load for shopping is on me so I do need all the tech help I can get.

Amazon was the silver lining as it was the first one to offer prime deliveries to Udhampur and ensure prompt deliveries.

Here is my Amazon Affiliate Shop to see what I have been buying.

The Bodyshop gloves that I had almost discarded for being too smooth. I use them for washing the dishes and yes those are rubber bands I have used to keep them in place as I scrub and wash.

Of course post, the opening up of shops I got the Scotch Brite gloves meant for washing the dishes. Surprisingly, now the hands aren’t that rough and washing is easier.

I think I am used to the task now. 🙂


My Kindle and all the possible ebooks. I am so happy that I had published my ebooks and now the whole world is shifting to digital mediums. Our world changes in a blink of an eye, no matter if we are ready or not.

My super comfy crocs, I always wear them but now with the increased workload, they are keeping my feet happy. I have a pair of slippers, a sandal, and the comfort ones so in or out I am always in my crocs.

These metallic crocs are the most recent purchase since I wore out the red ones I had earlier. Both are super comfy and soft.

Not everything works, not everything is ready but I am counting my blessings in everyday things that make it easier.

everyday is a gift
Photo credit: @thedoodledesk at Instagram

I am thankful for all that we have. Satisfaction in simple things.

Have you looked around the house to find things that make life easy for you in the lockdown?

Do share your top three things. Could be a pan or favourite book. A song that you play on the loop.

Share your discoveries of the mundane that surprised you!

Stay safe, stay indoors.

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.
In case you click on any of the links and make a purchase, I get a commission at no extra cost to you to help offset the cost to keep this website going.
As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.


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