I am an Author now! #GenerouslyYours by Inderpreet Uppal

Generously Yours

Yes! I have published my first book and am now an author. My book is a short story and I took the plunge into publishing my book with the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), in collaboration with The Hindu Lit for Life, presents “WordsWorthy” – a KDP short story contest.

The contest is on for Indian citizens and is accepting entries till 13th Feb. If you have a story, now is the chance to set it free 🙂

It was a dream I had nurtured since forever. Trusting my words and setting to print and publish them as a book is a big step. To say I was nervous is too mild. I was petrified. Thinking something or the other would go wrong. I kept imagining really silly errors or a bad cover and horrible feedback and reviews. I know – pretty doomsday kind of stuff.

I, of course, had the advice, help, and support of Rubina Ramesh and The Book Club which made my journey into self-publishing really easy. So much for my negative ideas – I think I was just trying to discourage myself.

The beautiful cover is designed by Gabriel Sam Victor of DG Media.

This is a big step, putting oneself out there, for scrutiny, discussion, and opinions. Yet, I think taking a step towards our goals is more important than any one’s opinion. So I took a leap, a real fast one since I am still working on my book that was supposed to be the first one and published #GenerouslyYours instead. The story had been waiting on my laptop for almost a year or so. Now I plan not to let the others wait for so long, some who have been waiting longer.

This new year has been mighty exciting for me. Not only did I do wonders with my editing jobs with good books, wonderful authors, and rewarding work.  The book “The Fragile Thread of Hope by Pankaj Giri” was short-listed for the Amazon Pen to Publish contest as well. And I also managed to publish a book of my own. The debuted on No 2 in the Hot New Releases category and is still doing well. It has got some excellent reviews and the readers are loving it!

Generously Yours


So hop on over to my swanky new Author Page on Amazon here

You can also add my book on GoodReads

Here is my Goodreads Author Page


‘Love is forever’ or so thought Diya. Shy, bookish and loving, Diya never thought she would ever need to be anything else.
Her charmed life slips away from her in ways, she never imagined. Will Viren be able to sort the jumble of their lives or is it already too late?
A bittersweet story of life, longing, and lasting love.


#Generously Yours


AN EXCERPT FROM #GenerouslyYours


She kept the books aside, deciding to donate them to a local library and opened the box, just a plain brown box. She remembered that he brought stuff for his ‘latest project’ many times in similar boxes. Thinking it to be filled with odd knick-knacks leftover from various projects, she was surprised to see it full of pictures. A groan escaped from her unknowingly as did a tear and then another. She closed her eyes as she held on to the pictures but the tears escaped unheeded. Wiping her eyes, she steeled herself for what was to come, a bonanza of images celebrating their relationship, recording the silly, funny and even the angry moments. Viren with his love of photography ensured that each occasion, big or small had a reminder. One wall in their living room was filled with pictures from floor to ceiling, devotedly put up by him. She would have to take it off too. He had loved adding pictures to the wall so these must be the leftover pictures. She looked at the photographs; there must be a few hundred images wondering why he took so many of them.



[bctt tweet=”A bittersweet love story as Diya tries to hold on to her love & life. Can happiness come from our sorrows? #ShortStory #Fiction #love Out now on Amazon http://amzn.to/2nLgz4A” username=”indywrites”]



Don’t forget to show some love so my the stories keep flowing. Here is a tiny peek into the story of Dia and Viren.

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  3. Lata Sunil

    Congrats Indy. I am still in dreaming phase and need to do something about this procrastination. I will surely reach to you and the Book Club when I make the cross over.

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